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Daley Moon Sign transits

The Moon is in a sign around two and a half days. She progresses in our chart every two and a half years. ​Luna rules our feelings. She is the keeper of the dream world.Get in touch with your emotions with the help of Luna.


The Full Buck Moon this month,  is on July 3rd. at 7:39 am. EDT. 2023. The Sign is in  Capricorn. Discipline,reality checks and business dealings.


1st:Saturday. The Moon in Sagittarius helps to be objective, in judgements, and humor today.

2nd:Sunday-Moon in Sagittarius is good  for travel and hiking.

3rd:Monday-Moon in Capricorn is Full today.Time to get to work.

4th:Thuesday- Moon in Capricorn. Happy 4th of July. You can get work and play done today.

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