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Celtic Shamanism

The Roots of Celtic Shamanism come from Scotch Irish Druidism.

My Great Grandfather was a Druid Priest I have reincarnations as a an earth magic healer. My sensi Daniel White Eagle is a teacher from the . Michael Harner School . When we  train it activates the past training knowledge stored  in our achashric records.

Soul Retrievals: When some one is traumatized, especially at a young age  , a part is taken and missing to the soul. In ceremony the healer restores that part , to make one whole.

Shamanic Healing: A scan of the body reveals the areas afflicted. With help of spirit guides and animal guides, one is healed. I also work with Raphael and the healing angels

Soul Ascensions; Crossing the soul over to the divine is helping with the final stages of death. Souls can gt trapped between worlds. They are taken up to the threshold of Heaven.  They are are helped by Christ and other spirit guides.


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