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Full Worm Moon March 2016

Full Worm Moon 

The Full Moon in March each year is called traditionally the Worm Moon. A lot of  states in the US, except Michigan and Montana Etc, the cold Northern states, witness spring time in March. As I write this we have a snow storm alert in the Metro Detroit area.  It is March 1st.. 

 The Indians have different names for this moon, depending on the tribe. The Northern tribes called it the Crow Moon, when the crow caws of  Robins spring return of yummy worms. No dought for them and other birds to eat but also farmers to rejoice. No longer is it a nation wide big deal since our modern markets provide most of our produce these days.. In early days with the native Americans and early farmers it was  a time that they see the earth worms come and rise up out of the earth leaving little piles of turned earth called casts. It is also called the crust Moon that is fitting for the Northern snowy states in March. It represents the crust that forms when the snow melts and freezes again.  The full March moon was and is called the Full Sap moon. It is and was  the time to start tapping the maple trees.  the It was also called the Full Lenten Moon by the early American  settlers. It marked the end and last Moon of winter.

   The Moon goes full this year on March 23rd  2016 at 1:45 EDT. It is also a Lunar Eclipse at that time.  So get out the telescopes, binoculars and cameras and view this awesome happening. It is in Libra with an Aries Sun.  It is  a good time to balance complimentary opposing forces of Venus ruled Libra and Mars ruled Aries. No matter where you are in the world it is there for us all to experience.  Meditate on feeling of calm and breathe in the air to cool Mars volatile nature of temperament with in us. Do deep  breathing breath work to revitalize you at this time. Open up your mind, body and soul to all the New possibilities. Make a list of goals for the next year of Moons. In early North American Indian times, they had no calendars but the Moons to gage time.
 This is a time of a spring Moon when all things come back to life including us from hibernation.

 Jupiter is close to the Moon and adds an aspect of expansion. Look out for this big planet visible in the sky. It is ruled by Jupiter and adds good luck to all.

  Do full Moon ceremony. Put the white Light of protection around you. Light a candle or burn a fire inside or out. Recite out loud off of your written intentions what you want to bring in for the next 12 moons or the next 30 days. Let go of the past and write that down too. what you want to release. Burn the paper in the fire. Try using rolling cigarette papers to write on when using a flame or small fire. Meditate and see the future visions and get the messages from the divine. Extinguish the fire and thank all  of the divine that help. 

 Enjoy the coming spring and all its new potentials in your lives. 
                                                                                Blessings Love and Light, Rev Marilyn

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This is a time of a spring Moon when all things come back to life including us from hibernation.
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Full moon has a lot of myths attached with it and it’s kind of interesting for me. It’s a common knowledge that full moon attracts all the fluids especially water as you can see the waves in ocean. But recently I have read that it also has the capabilities to attract the fluid inside the human mind and is powerful enough to make them lunatic. Well, it’s kind of scary.
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