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The Star Man From England/David Jones aka Bowie

 David Jones ( Bowie) 1947-2016 RIP

I Like This Black and White earlier photo of him. David came into my life when I lived in England with my family at around two years of age. Yes I could speak well by then and was a creative prodigy. His mother Peggy was a good friend of my Nanna Daisy Powell and lived near her. She also knew my great Grandmother Edith Florey. I have been giving messages from God since before then. David was 7 years older so he would have been only nine but so talented and bright. He was stubborn and had his ways at times to convince otherwise. But he always seemed to follow my advise. He studied singing and music, with the help of his half brother as well as parents.. I was and have been a ghost writer all along for his music and others so ours was  a creative collaboration.

 In August 1967 David was twenty and I was 13. Definitely platonic because of our age difference at the time. He had already started his career and had asked to meet with me when he found out I would be in town. My great grandmother Edie was dying. His mom helped my grandmother with her. One day when Nan  and I went to her Great Grandmas, house there was Peggy with her son David. I do believe his brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia by that time.
 He was concerned it would affect him. He was thin and pale but very attractive. It was thought he was gay but I knew he was complex. It did not matter to me if he was. It was his music I was interested in.  I had him drive his mom to my Great grandmothers funeral and we could talk more there and he could keep me company. He wore sun glasses inside because of his eyes were different with the one pupil being permanently dilated. He had a recent surgery. He felt out of place and was moody and out of sorts. I suggested he be more positive when he said we will probably never see each other again. I asked him why and he said because he would not live long. I saw different and told him he would live long enough. I did see him gain. Over the years we collaborated with help of an assistant who would record the songs for him and instruction.
I saw him in New York in 2004. I had worked a show in April in Ohio  and it was unseasonably warm. After the event I spent the night and drove Monday to New York. I found his neighborhood. A man walked up to me I'm shorts, slip on deck shoes, a white T Shirt, short hair and Sun glasses He  was so kind and said he had seen David Bowie that he lived near. I said " Will I see him" He said "Yes he was certain of it" He did not tell me his name. I wonder why he was so friendly. I now know why. It was him. I did see him..I met with his assistant and mine  around 2006 to write the final songs of his Black Star Album. The prediction came to pass that he would die of liver cancer. He came by my house in 2014. He was in  a nice black  car with tinted windows. I was out in the yard. The driver stopped and I waved and it took me some time to realize it was him .

  The meaning behind Black Star is taken from the early Elvis song Black Star. It means the mark or star of death. It means a star that dies in the universe. And that is what he was a star- star! The flame on the candle is the sacred flame at the center of all men and women. When Jesus died the women knew he would rise gain so they where happy. The three on the cross are a Jewish man, a black man and a middle eastern man..all persecuted and crucified so often ..in history and now!... In the song  Lazareth death came in to take him. Simply put.

 I Heard three knocks at my door Sunday Morning around 6 am ESTJanuary 10th 2016, rather lowd. No one was there. It woke me up and I soon figured who it was. I have been channeling him and he has encouraged me now to be creative since I have been blocked. It is his turn to now help me be positive and encouraged since I am coming out of a low point like he was back in 1967. I have to be brave to write about this hard to understand stuff!

 I will be writing my book to completion on my life' with more strange encounters with others human, animal  and alien.

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He had already started his career and had asked to meet with me when he found out I would be in town.
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