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9 Year

v A Nine number year is completion and end of cycles. It represents death and the.death of old self and ways. It is the hardest year to go through, whether a personal year or universal year. The personal year is experienced by each individual separately and the universal year as  a group. Endings are so hard to do and experience. All of the old comes to light , once and for all deal with. This can be physical, mental and spiritual areas. Health is  a big factor. Letting go of old ways and old habits is so hard for us humans. We do not like change but life is always changing. Nothing stays the same.
It is  a time to rethink our reasons and motives. It can be so cleansing to let go of old people places and things that no longer serve you or any one properly.
As a counselor I have seen total transformations in a one years. But that was only after the torment and health issues that can arise in a nine year. Let go of the old to bring in the new of a one year. Be brave. It is not the absence of fear but the courage we have in the face of fear that is the key. We are headed collectively to a nine in 2016. I did not mean to skip the 8 year but felt the harder stuff will help you realize you ain't seen nothing yet! An eight will be written about later and in my news letter. An eight deals with power and a nine with endings. So the year from hell is a nine year. It is associated with Jupiter and higher learning. We have to grow up as a whole. Clean your attic and basements as well as closets in the physical and mental as well as spiritual cleaning out! Our subconscious has to be purged. An eight year kicks of that!

Personally in a nine I have experienced weight gain, health issues and night mares in all my nine years and any one else I have witnessed going through a nine personal year ,has been similar. Some souls have  a more charmed existence but that harder the lesson the sweeter the reward. A One year is the light at the end of the tunnel. 2017 is not that far. Be patient . Do not rush the days and the dance. A  one year sends hope and rebirth. New people places and things to replace the empty spaces you cleared out of your life. look to the future economy picking up in two years plus time. Be positive.

In Conclusion ,the Universe and God are forcing us to be true to ourselves. We are learning to become our true selves and we have to become our authentic self. The old verse is as goes: " To Thyne Own Self Be True"

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cheap prada on Saturday, October 29, 2016 10:55 PM
It is not the absence of fear but the courage we have in the face of fear that is the key.
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9 years is the hardest year to go through and the year nine is the year of death and people are not much sure about this event, but it is going huge environment to know that the nine years are the deadliest year for some people.
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