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Pluto The Misunderstood Healer Part 1

Pluto is in the Mix closer than before. Uranus and Pluto squares off from 2011-2018. We the world collectively and individually are going through a great transformational process from the effects and results of this. Not to dismiss Aries  that is Mars ruled. God of War, Mars is violent , angry and fights and.Uranus who rules chaos, upheaval, shocks, sudden changes, rebellion, genius and enlightenment. Aries is urgency. We have an urgent need to pull up roots and move on this. The old is heading out the door. Pluto is in Capricorn. It is about restriction, limits ruled by Saturn Capricorn gives a reality check. We all have to grow up. The universe of humanity as a whole humans act like teen age boys. Even the women. The teen boys are that. But a 20- 30-40 50 on up person should not. be because they are not. For too long humanity as a whole is running around angry, rebellious and fighting law and authority. It is like the wild wild west here on earth still. But that is about to change. Pluto is out to clean up the mess. The reaper death Scorpio Pluto half rules is the angel of death and father time Capricorn ruled By Saturn or Satan is out to clean up the earth. If folks fail they will die off sooner than later. A lot of folks are walking out. I  have seen a few go . It is so pain full to stay that some souls have too hard of a time and opt out. A walk out soul leaves and a walk in steps in the body to finish the life. The body does not die.  Since 2011 a lot more walking out and in has happened. I do not blame them. A lot of people are taking their own life and a lot are wanting to go so bad their wish is fulfilled soon enough.  The juvenile,anger hatred and  prank playing  temper tantrum attitude is counter productive to evolution of humans. We are evolving and a lot of kicking and screaming is going on. I have witnessed and seen so many men women angry and acting out in negative ways.  God wants the children of earth to act their age and get to work. We are not here for sex, booze=drugs,partying and rock and roll forever that we are here. Sobering up would help. Self discipline , sacrifice and faith in Gods will are in order. Selfish discord will not be tolerated. ( To Be Continued)

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