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2014 A Universal 7 Year

 A Universal 7 Year has us reflecting on the past and where we have been.  Looking deep with in we can visualize a bright new future for all. We will come out on the other side of it all with a better understanding of the Divine plan. We can use the past knowledge as a foundation for the future.We can use it a springboard in April to leap into the future with grace , intelligence, hope and Love!Be the Brave That You Are.  2014 allows us to connect with Mother Earth and Divine Mother. We realize we are all connected and everyone and everything is relative. Ecology and planetary conservation will be highlighted this year. Taking care of our temples, that is our bodies, are forefront. Eating sustainable and organic will be a priority.  We have a responsibility  now with truth and more spiritual, metaphysical and a philanthropic approach to life.  Seven Universal energy is needed to be used for the good for all. It is Thy will be done and not my will be done.  Letting go to the Divine is required. 

 This is not a time of material gain. That happens in a Universal or personal 8 year. Universal Numbers are  our collective as the group of all beings. Letting go and letting Mother Father God is hard in our western world. We are taught to separate ourselves and control it all with our puny individual will. It is time to come together as a whole.  Seven is a masculine number. It rules the seventh house of marriage and partners in astrology but in the ancient Kabbahla and science of geometry of life, it is ruled by heaven. The 7 Universal number is the connection between world of heaven and earth. It is ruled by Neptune not Libra here. It is about agape Love. It is all a bout the non-material.The 666 of our anima nature has to change to the Christ number of 777. There are seven days in a week.  It took figuratively 7 days to make earth, animal and humankind. We have to rise above our lower self and raise our chakra vibration. 7 is God's number. Dreams will be profound and prophetic. Keep a dream journal and write down messages and information received. Pay attention to what the angels and spirit guides tell you when you slumber. Wisdom as a collective will be gathered in dreams. Visions while awake will be prevalent.  Lies will be revealed and discoveries made this year. Self discovery and collective discovery happens. light will be shed to enlighten on possibilities of solutions to problems and deep healing will take place. As a whole we folks will be getting closer to God and our higher selves. It is time to do the  three yoga's. Meditate using a mantra or two or more. Either inside to your self or out load. Sit relaxed feet flat on the ground with the spine erect. At night before bed or during the night keep the mantras internal. Focus on the third eye  or pineal gland between the eyes. practice physical yoga postures. Go online and gather these or take classes with a group. Deep breathing is done by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth making a Haahh sound. This is Hatha Yoga deep breathing If it is night time before bed or during the night just breath through the nose gently hold the breath deep n the lower lungs filling up with oxygen and divine light.  Hold your breath  as long as you can. As you go deeper in the physical yoga , the breath work yoga or prana is practiced to go deeper with the hold as well. It is a time for us all to slow down and go with in. Take advantage of this restful, restorative and highly healing time. Namaste   

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It rules the seventh house of marriage and partners in astrology but in the ancient Kabbahla and science of geometry of life, it is ruled by heaven.
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