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Jan. 1st , 2014 New Moon in Capricorn

The New moon January 1st 2014 can barely be seen but we can feel it's influence.This moon is in Capricorn. It ruled by the planet Saturn. It creates a sense of urgency to have us get to work now and grow up! It is about new beginnings in a quiet conservationist way. We are being asked to mature and grow up collectively and individually. It is in a Grand Cardinal Trine,Stellium that includes the Moon, Sun, and Pluto in Capricorn squaring Mars in Libra and Uranus in  Aries in Opposition. There will be conflict but we will grow from this . We have to do the work. If we do not we will get ill and suffer un-needlesly, until we deal with it. It will keep coming up until we do. We will heal on a very deep level. I will explain more in another blog or two, in detail. This is something that will take all year to heal. But we have time and are being asked to slow down, get grounded and face reality.
On January first it is time to do an  initiation New Moon ceremony. Set aside time to Mediate on this day your intentions for the upcoming year of 2014.
 These are instructions of what you can do to help with the new moon healing process First off, find a quiet place to relax, and go with in. Sit down, upright with your spine erect and take at least three  breaths, make sure to close your eyes and  have your feet flat on the ground. Breath in through the nose, hold it for as long as you can and out through the mouth making a HAAAHHH sound. These are Hatha Yoga Deep Cleansing Breaths. Let go to God the Divine! Visualize the white light of the Holy spirit Divine to shine with in and with out you. Let the Golden Flame of Change come through you. This is the flame of Christs transformational Light.It works with the Golden Ray of God. Burn sage to help cleanse, bring about change and draw in help of the ancestors.

1. Observe blocks that are stopping you from your full potential. Allow your authentic self to shine through.  Ask if  your ideas, goals and intentions are pure and coming from source? Are they for the highest good of all? What are your motives to have these things manifest? Hold a clear crystal as you do this for clarity. pray for New Beginnings.

2. Get in touch with the higher planes of being, ascended masters and your higher self. Write down a list of intentions for the coming year. Ask for clarity on these.

3 Reflect on your list of intentions.

4. Place your list of intentions by your bed or on your altar. Pray on the help received from the Divine.

5. Start a journal of the process of the coming year in manifesting your goals. Let them unfold this year.  ask what you can do to help achieve these things.( Beware asking for money for monies sake.) It is a tool to be used properly. Write down information as it is given to you as you go on your 2014 journey. Use it to help you through out the year.

6.Look to the page on my website The (sacred) Violet Flame of Saint Germaine to help with healing, transformation and transmutation that takes place.  Let it help you release the old so you can bring in and receive the new in your life. Say the prayers to evoke change and harmony with in and with out.

7.Thank Mother- Father God Divine for giving assistance to reach all your goals and potential through out 2014. Be grateful and give thanks for all that you have, all you will receive and achieve.


 PS.Our Goal is to be Harmony and World Peace not domination!

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