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September Goddess Athena and Virgo
Full Pink Moon April 2017
Full Worm Moon March 2017
February 2017 Full Snow Moon and Eclipse


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Mercury Retrograde


The quicksilver planet Mercury, is the God of communication. It is depicted as a man with wings on his head and feet.  Fast and multitasking, it rules Gemini and Virgo as well as 3rd house of communication and 6th house of health in astrology. When I learned Reflexology, Reiki and Shamanic healing, i dealt with this Mercurial force.
This Planet affects our mind and nervous system as well as the spine. It is core essential to regulating our bodies. 

  When this planet goes retrograde, it appears to go backwards but it slows down and we catch up with it.

September Goddess Athena and Virgo

Goddess Virgothe Virgin represents women who are not bound by a man.The term is an unmarried woman who is wise in youth. She is pure in heart. It was not intended to be about women who have not experienced sex. Patriarchal influence changed the Goddess concept. 

 She is kind and sensitive and helps with modesty, refinement and separating the wheat from the shaft. The harvest of bounty is ready to reap in our lives. She is mother earth who sustains.

 Athena Goddessof wisdom and an the fight.

Full Pink Moon April 2017

 Full Pink Moon

On Tuesday, April the 11th at 2:08 am ET  The Moon goes Full. It is called the Full Pink Moon because of the  Pink flowers of April. The Moss Pink Herb and the Phlox Wild Flower are these.  It is also called the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, The Egg moon and The Full Fish Moon. 

 It will be 21 degrees Libra ruled by Venus. She is the Goddess of the Month too. The is a highlight of balancing opposites. Mother Divine and Agape Unconditional Love are the main theme.

Full Worm Moon March 2017

 Full worm Moonis named as when the robins are eating the worms that have come to the surface in spring. In Michigan the ground is tad cold yet! The Moon is full on March 12th at  10:54 am EDT.
The Moon sign of Virgo is progressed to a point and heightened in energy to expand the consciousness of a healing vibration.  It is said the auto immune system disorders are from not setting boundaries in relationships. Even with the hereditary disease Lupus that attacks the immune system is from this by way of ancestors.

February 2017 Full Snow Moon and Eclipse

The Full Snow Moon has an Eclipse this year. It goes full  exact  at 7:33 pm EST and the exact eclipse is at 5:34 pm earlier. It is also known as the Ice Moon or the Quickening Moon. It represents the restlessness many start to feel having crossed half way mark Embolc Feb 2nd to spring. This full Moon is for a time of passive introspection and looking back over the past. Look to the skies  for answers and grounding. Practice some breath work.  The Moon is in the sign of Loving Leo and Sun is in Aquarius the Genius!

December 2016 Full Cold Moon

The December 2106  Full Moonis called The Full Cold Moon.  It is named such because winter cold takes grip and the nights are long and dark.  It is also called the Long Nights moon by some native Americans  because it is so close to the Winter Solstice.  The solstice is on December 21st at 5:44 am ET. The Full Moon is on December 13th at 7:05 pm.

  It is a Gemini Full Super Moon bringing illumination to the world.What ever that has been buried beneath the surface is rising up to the light of day.

Full Beaver Moon November 2016

The Full Beaver Moongoes exact on November 14 at 8:52 am ET.2016

It is a Perigee Moon or Super Moon. It is nearer to the earth at that time and has not happened since January 26th 1948. It will not happen again until November 25th 2034. Known as the Full Beaver Moon by both the colonists and the Algonquin Tribe,  it was a time to st the beaver traps before the swamps froze.

  A Full Moon magnifies emotions and thoughts. It is connected with the dream world.Good and bad, Yin and yang happens.

Full Moon In Aquarius August 2016

The Full Moon in Aquarius Sun in Leo

This Moon goes Full August 18th at 5:26 am EDT.
It is the most sacred Moon to the native Americans. They hold private ceremonies to connect with the ancestors at this time and the rest of us can too. Aquarius adds a balance of greater good of the whole to Leo dynamics. They are shadow complimentary opposites. 

 This full moon ends a phase that was started in March 2016 . It has been clearing out the old to give way to the new! We are all in a Nine Universal year of endings and completions.

Full April Pink Moon 2016

The Full Pink Pink Moon falls on Earth Day April 22nd 2016. It is full at 1:24 EDT. It is named from the herb Moss Pink or Wild Ground Phlox which is one of the earliest sprouting, widespread, flowers of spring.
Coastal tribes called it The Full Fish Moon when the  Shad swam up stream to spawn. It was also called the Full Sprouting Grass Moon and The Full Egg Moon. The Moon is in Scorpio so it is about transformation and integrating the polar opposite of the Sun in Taurus of sensual self pleasure and sacrifice of that for the good of the whole. It is  a very intense time. Be cautious and think through things before acting. This Mini Moon is called an Amogee. It is the farthest from the earth right now! Drum, Dance, sing and chant. Celebrate the beauty of the Full pink Spring Moon! #1. Hold back from arguing. Be cautious and think before acting. Stay calm and deep breath. Let Go Let God!#2. Be Positive. Think positive thoughts. Be Grateful for all you have.  Make a gratitude list. #3. Manifest your dreams. Make a dream board and create a dream journal.  #4. Meditate. #5.Pray for others and send Love and Light out into the World. Pray for Peace! Namaste                                                               

Ostara The Goddess of Spring

Ostara Spring Goddess

    Her name is where the word Easter came from.She is the Goddess of the bringing in of spring. She brought about the original Easter Bunny.
Legend has it that she felt guilty for spring arriving late one year. She found a bird dying with frozen wings on the ground. She cradled the little bird in her arms and healed it back to life. She made him her pet. She also changed it into a rabbit because it's wings no longer worked.  She named him Lepus. The animal could lay eggs like a bird.