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Recondite Art Studies


Recondite arts are hard to understand by the average mind.  They are Subjects that are obtuse. It is almost impossible to understand with  average reasoning. You have to raise your consciousness and open your mind to. do this you have to make a disciplined effort. for proper results. 

 Metaphysics  is the new age term for recondite art studies. The mysteries and studies of the art of magic and healing . Many modalities come into these terms. A-Z. 

 The Age of Aquarius  officially has ushered in an advanced enlightenment . More people are receiveing higher information downloaded from the etheric library.  It is time for everyone to develop  their intuitive abilities to use for practical purposes. 

!. Learn to meditate. 

2. Do breath work

3.Work with crystals to open to channel


PLUTO IN  Aquarius. 


Pluto changes signs every 12-30 years. It is brutal, in how it exposes and lays bare what needs to transform. It destroys. egos so we let them go.   It has gone into Aquarius on March 23rd, 2023. It went retrograde back into Capricorn on Ma 1st 2023 and will go direct on October 23rd 2023 to finish up any details missed by us all. It goes retrograde again  May 2nd 1924 and goes direct October 11th 2024, retrograde May 4 2025 and direct October 13th. Finally I do believe to stay for a while. We now have to discipline and do the work individually on ourselves and collectively ,as a whole. I have long awaited this time when I and what I do is more the norm. Metaphysical  studies on esoterics ,astrology and such are in demand.  Expand our minds and bringing our lives up to speed are in order. The old ways are gone. Some are not happy about that. Social reform advanced Technology and a more spiritual not religious approach are happening now. The younger generations Scorpio,Sagittarius and Capricorn along with The Aquarius Gen are here to change the world dramatically. We can change our lives by shining a light on the darkness with in and heal deep wounds that have scared over but still affect us. 

    Medicine, politics and education are to be affected as well as the structure of Society, ex and marriage or lack of traditional unions al together will happen differently than in the past. .

 Alternative, Herbal and Naturopathic medicine  is more traditional with Native americans and other groups around the world. Getting back to the Garden . Using food to heal is the future path. New leaders in all fields will rise up . This is an exciting time to be alive. I am glad to share this period af great hope and enlightenment with you all. Namaste

 We are Star Dust, We are Golden and We have got to get ourselves back to the Garden~ Joni Mitchel 

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