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The Sun is in a sign 30 days . It has decans that go through that element. The Moon is  in a sign for you two and a half days until it moves into the next. one....In a personal chart the Moon stays in a sign for around two and a half years. It rules how we feel at that time. 

The sun stays in a sign for 30 years or so. It shows who we are. So we have a progressed chart that is important and moves a day for each year. the moon progress transits in a sign for 2 and a half days. Our persoal moon takes two and a half years to complete the transit through each sign.












is ruled by the planet  Jupiter . The color is orange. The Tarot card is Temperance. It is about freedom, horsepower, travel to foreign lands. Mans law is part of this realm. Enjoy this time of Celebration. The symbol is  the Centaur . Half human half horse. It emodies truth and honesty . The Motto: To Thyne Own Self Be True.



Ruled by the task master Saturn this is a cold grey time that loves discipline. It rules Karma, limits, all business matters and ones reputation and career. The House of one of the parents. Error on the safe side when Capricorn is in town.

from the 1st till the 9th is Sagittarius/Aries. We are active and have extra energy to travel to holiday partys. From the 10th till the 21st it is Sagittarius with a Leo Decan. The pagentry of the season continues. Enjoy this happier time of year. 

From the 22nd till the 30th it is Capricorn/Capricorn and the cycle of desent now changes to a period of hybernation, conservation and discipline as best one can before Christmas.More of that in January of the discipline and back to work in 2024. Happy Holidays. 



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