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The Sun is in a sign 30 days . It has decans that go through that element. The Moon is  in a sign for you two and a half days until it moves into the next. one....In a personal chart the Moon stays in a sign for around two and a half years. It rules how we feel at that time. 

The sun stays in a sign for 30 years or so. It shows who we are. So we have a progressed chart that is important and moves a day for each year. the moon progress transits in a sign for 2 and a half days. Our persoal moon takes two and a half years to complete the transit through each sign.

From  the 1st till the 9th is Cancer-Scorpio. It is a reflective and deep about healing the inner child. From the 10th -22nd is Cancer -Pisces. A magical spiritual time. Enjoy family, reunions and celebrations. From. the 23rd till the 31st it is double Leo. It is summer is on. Enjoy this time in the Sun.


The Moon child sign ruled by the lunar Goddess herself. It  reflects our feelings, emotions, gut intuitions and is associated with our solarplexes  chakra. The stones ar Moonstone, pearl ,citrine and all shells. Mothers, babies, home family, heritage , clans, psychic abilities,the ocean and all in it is part of what is ruled by Moon based Cancer. The color is blue and ocean blue. Time for family reunions, swimming and picnics.  America has a Cancer Sun born on the 4th of July. Kind and fond of nuturing ,this sign usually loves children and taking care of them.


The Lion is brave and strong. It is ruled by the Sun. The Colors are Gold, Orange, Royal Red, Purple and Blue. Of course Leopard print and all cats big and small ,are ruled by Leo. Children, theater, creativity and confidence are ruled by the Sun. We are the I am personified here. Will,power and self pride and empowerment is Leo. Tigers eye is the stone and Sunflowers are the Flower understandebley.


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