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The Violet Flame
violet-flame can help in healing deep wounds and addictions through transmutation..Rev Marilyn Morgan can help.The Violet flame is the sacred fire  of The Holy spirit. It brings transmutation ( changes) in negative energy. Everrything is energy.
It is called the Flame of Forgiveness. It can help you forgive someone or be forgiven. It is a karmic eraser so you can start over with a clean slate. It helps with addiction and mental illness as well as those who have committed crimes against man and God. It is the 7th Ray of God.
This flame is connected to 7th Chakra of the Crown and anchored with the 2nd chakra " The seat of the Soul" in the area of the abdomen, below the navel.
I Am means God in me is.
I Am is the name of God. It is the I Am consiousness of Christ and God.
The Violet flame transforms your life. Emagine the Violet flame surrounding you.
Mantras and Decrees
The Prayer of The Violet Flame
I am the Violet Flame in action in me now,
I am the Violet Flame to Light alone I bow;
I am the Violet Flame in mighty cosmic power,
I am the Light of God shining every hour;
I am the Violet Flame blazing like the Sun,
I am Gods sacred Power Freeing Everyone! Repeat X 3
The Shorter Version of  of This Prayer to Evoke the Violet Flame :
In the name of God in the name of Christ who is in me, in the name of the Holy Spirit , I evoke the Violet flame and ask the angels of the violet flame to ( make your personal request. for yourself, others, home, a city, country, planet, universe and universes) .
Violet Flame  of  transformation transmutation healing and St Germaine. The violet flame is in the nuculi of the the Universal Blue Star Light Energy Orb used for healing.
The violet flame is a lesser known gift from God. It is also the flame of forgivness or the mercy flame. The violet flame has the highest frequency of the seven major colors. It is associated with Raphael, the arch angel leader of healing with the angels. In the Bible the burning bush, in the stroy of Moses, was the violet flame, so it did not consume the bush. It was and is a spiritual flame. The violet flame trnsmutes negative karma. It changes by transmutation and produces transformation, turning fear into Love!. It erases the record of harm we have done- hense the forgivness flame helps us forgive others. It penetrates our body, our nervous system, and our whole physical being. It gets to the core. and helps with the healing process. It is for healing emotional and relationship issues.
Master St Germain Is Keeper of The Scared Flame
This flame opens up the flow of abundanceSaint-Germaine is the saint of transformation and helps to heal and ignite  the heart flame divine. and increases the speed of manifestation. All of this is part of the Scared Geometry of Life.
Amethyst is the Goddess  and the crystal she is part of. Wear purple colors, amethyst jewlelry, put out purple flowers and listen to healing angelic  music. Forgive yourself and othersamethyst goddess.. lady amethyst assists St Germaine in healing transformation and transmutation.amethyst healing crystal is for healing with Raphael The Arch Angel and the healing angels.
Forgive yourself and others.
Forgivness Prayer
I am forgivness.acting here,
Casting out all dought and fear.
Setting men( & women) forever free,With the wings of cosmic victory;
I am calling in full power,
for forgivness every hour,
To all life in every place,
 I flood forth forgiving grace. x3
Close with a prayer: thank Mother Father God.
In the name of Christ within, I ask these mantras and decrees be sealed. I accept  the will of God.  Amen
Metatron is the Most powerful head of Angels. The Arch Angel of transformation and transmutation, he helps to guide you home to center and home when you leave the earth. He was Enoch living on the earth and then ascended as a master of many duties . Assistant to God and mankind he helps heal and overcome tragedy and  our own un doings.
Call on his help today. He is the keeper of all knowledge ,the Tree of Life connected with the sacred geometry. He is the Holy Angel keeper of the Holy Flame of God Divine.
Metatron is The Head angel of all the realms. He is head of all healing with Raphael.