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 Mark was born15 years before Christs death.He was Jesus cousin. Mark was initiated by Jesus to the Mysteries that were taught by Mary Magdalene to Jesus. He was there when Christ was captured and sent to his crucification. Mark lived on to follow Peter and be one of the 70 deciples who spread the word of God. Mark wrote the first gospel,The Gospel of Mark. 
st-Mark..Helps get things started.
He was Mark The Evangelist. He started the Coptic Church of Alexandria.The Feast of St Mark is April 25th.
There is another St Mark who was born years later  as Marcus, at an unknown date. He became Pope Mark in 336AD, January 18th. His Papacy lasted until his death on October 7th, 336AD. His titles where Holy Father and His Holiness. The symbols for St Mark  are The winged Lion, A man holding a book. and  a man with a yolk around his neck.  He is associated with helping Venetian Sailors.
I am the reincarnation of both Saint Marks. I have memory of both lives.
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