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This is  a picture of a divine presence appearing on earth as a white shadowy out lined soul in mist.  I do not mean the kind you drink. We are all spiritual beings living an earthly existence. We are all spirit. Everything is spirit.
People who have lived on earth angels, fairies and all are earth angels when they leave. When the  spirit leaves the body it usually goes up in a quick amount of time. Children go straight up. Animals go straight up. Yes what good is heaven with out our beloved pets at the rainbow bridge to meet us! Some times the spirit remains earth bound and it is trapped for a time on earth. It is dense, heavy ,visibly dark and shadowy.
Gabriel is the arch angel of communication with the other side and the divine.The reason can be that the soul is in shock and has  left  with out realizing they are dead. They need help to let go and leave to go home to God, to the light. where loved ones Jesus and all are waiting in Heaven! Understand that! People with unfinished business stick around. They need help too!A spirit that has gone up and over to God is light and white. You can see through them.We have up to 6  family spirit guides. they are family who have gone up and stay around us to be earth angel guides. they help us on the others side. Whispering in our ears, leaving signs of pennies, feathers and playing with the lights. Our earth angels are in heaven. We here are to keep in tough. opening to channel is  a skill to learn how to talk to the other side and or hear and see them. They appear out the corner of our eyes and appear in photographs. Another name for spirit is a ghost.  So a light spirit is a soul who has gone up to God and come back to help! As a psychic Medium I talk to the other side as a mediator. I use ach angel Gabriel to help with communication!
 This is  a picture of beings on the other side in heaven. They appear as orbs.  Angels who have never lives as humans are like Gabriel. angels who have lived an earthy life are earth angels!
Orbs are another way spirits of friends, pets, fairies  and loved ones appear!
 Beautiful orbs of souls in the night.