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Spirit Guides are souls on the other side whose main purpose is to guide us here on earth. There are different types of guides. As a psychic Medium I talk to these spirits and more on the other side. It is called channeling. My sister who passed before I was born, my father who left in 1995 and the rest of my six family members in heaven talk to me to help. Call 810-923-3772 to have me contact deceased family members, friends and loved ones.( This included pets.) I also work with ascended masters, saints, fairies and angels.
Family Guides ( familial guides):
 These are my favorite guides and I specialize in communication with them. They are loved ones  and family members  who have passed. After they cross over to heaven, They stay around us to help us. We have up to six familial guides. The grandmothers take care of the children and they stick close to one another. Children before they are born and are in between lives stay on the other side and act as go betweens. These could be ones we have had in past lives with, our children who have passed on, or ones who have not been born yet.  They go  around other family members but not in the same way and for the same reasons. Family member may be in between life times or  are not finished with earthly karma cause. Some are back home for good! They help to watch out after us. I call these the ancestors.
 Ascended Masters ( Christ, Buddha, Krishna)
 These guides  are different in a respect they have ascended and will not return ever to earth. These  souls have completed tasks on Earth. they are exemplars ( highest examples of what to do and be). They and the saints help in similar ways. we know Jesus best . The adage of "What would Jesus Do?" is universally known. Christ is hereon earth in the Spirit of The  Living Christ,  to help heal ,protect and be all things to all  People.
Jesus is Our friend, the living Christ  and the I AM consciousness. He helps to heal and save our souls.
 These souls have reached a level to remain on the other side having lived lives of redemtiom and discipline. We can pray to them and all guides to help us. For instance St. Jude helps with lost causes and missing items and people.
 St Francis:is the patron saint of animals and especially birds .
St Joseph: is the saint of fathering and home. You place a statue of St. Joseph up side down in the back yard to sell the house. It releases your home and finds a new owner. Placed right side up St Joseph helps you find a home and blesses it. Put St Joseph on on an alter or mantle to help protect your home.
 Mary Magdalene is the saint of Unconditional Love. Along with Christ She shares the same soul or a split soul with Jesus. She reincarnates and Christ stays on the other side . In 2012 a union of them  emerged. She is The Holy Grail or The  Holy Spirit. Why I know this is that she is me. I am the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene. This is why I am able to see and do the miraculous that I have been gifted with. Those who testify to what I have done for them, know this to be true.
Mary Magdalene is the holy grail. She has reincarnated and lives upon the earth connected with Christ. Our Lesson on Earth is to Love one another Unconditionally. This is the greatest gift we can possess and feat we can do. it is very hard to accomplish, given the ways of the World but it is doable.