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Blessed Mother and Mary Magdalene and Rev Marilyn Morgan
I was the model for this portrait. It  was done when I was 22,  in 1976.It is a blessed Mother  picture. I have been a phantom artist with many names signed, They are all me. I did one of the Claude Monet pictures ,Water Lillies. I did a version of it. You will recognize Mona Lisa. I did my version of it. .
Blessed Mother,Jesus and Angels of Music!Rahael
DianaCeltic Woman
TotemsWolf man
Beautiful FairyAphrodite
Water lillies with cloudsGemini Twins
 : Totem friends are the inspiration here.Venus and friends
Divine MotherGreen man
Mona Lisa
The Last SupperSt MichaelThe last Supper
Goddess of Transformation and healing
 : Goddess of the harvest to winter and coming out of darkness and despair into spring