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Saturn (Devil-Satan)
Saturn is God of death and limits part of the devils earth energy. It is our task mater here on earth to humans and all.
The planet Saturn Rules Capricorn our task master.It rules the 10th house in the astrology wheel. It is the house of career,recognition and reputation, This position in the astrology chart shows areas of great tests and hard angles in life...It is the anti God that binds us to earth. when well aspected it can help us learn from some hard lessons through the discipline it offers. Through diligent discipline and sustained effort like energies that are normally negative become a positive in the world. This world is Hell. Are you surprised? Saturn holds us here with father time the time keeper
Saturn works with karma. He teaches us to learn not to trip ourselves up with our undoing. We have to learn not to repeat mistakes. The trickster Coyote Medicine  is the North American Indian version of this fellow who tricks us into eventually choosing hopefully the right thing. Our enemies teach us more than our friends. They are more honest because they do not care if they hurt our feelings they let us know. It is critisisim that can be used to better ourselves..
Father time is part of Saturn's limits of linear time.We have to learn to remain detached from the earth and earthly things!.
Mother earth herself is our salvation here during our earthly stays. Is there actually a dark angel who rules his minions or are the minions ruled by their own evil downfalls of ego? Ego is false man made consciousness ruled by Saturn we have to let go of separating ego centered ness.
We are one with God. The lie is we are separate. The mind is the battlefield it tricks us  into believing this. We have to undo the mind itself by surrendering to the Divine and surrendering  our will to Mother Father God. It all comes from God mother father divine.ameditation, prayer and physical discipline of yoga,diet propers and faith are tools to use! Embrace the I am . Use the Violet Flame to help you transmute from obsession and addiction that hold you enslaved. Let Divine Love set you free!
Fear is the key that enslaves Love unlocks the chains. One Key is used for Both Love and Fear. Love concurs All! You hold the key to love and Fear. You decide!. In fact the chains were never locked. Satan rules our dark side. Embrace and love even that unconditionally to set you free.People get caught and hung up in the material world. My favorite card of the Devil in  a tarot deck is one where two young naked people are pulling a chest full of gold and jewels. The chest is chained to the ground and the opening to the cave is a few feet away to freedom. They just can't let go of the wealth to save their lives. And so it is..People have to let go of the material world because all is from God! 
The Angel of Death is actually an angel of mercy..they hold a sycle as well and they bring eternal life on the other side. Death releases us from our earthly coil filled with pain and illness at times.
Saturn shows us our limitations that are nessecary to being realistic. It cements plans and solidify s ideas.  We have Saturn returns that happen in life because Saturn rules maturity with it is a side affect of Depression. People with  a strong Saturn influence( Capricorn) seem old beyond their years and have an old soul feel about them. They have resposibilties as children like little old people.
 We have up to three returns depending how long we live. As people live even longer folks will see their fourth return.. You have to look in the chart to see when the Saturn return happens over the course of a year.
!st Saturn return is Age 28-29 . By the time you are thirty you have experienced it! You come out calmer and resolved, more grown up! We see what we need to do with our life. ways of childhood are out of the way and it is time to take on responsibility. We now know what we are going to do with our productive years. familys are started and weddings happen a lot at this time. Mortality is felt. it is sobering and nessecary. 21 years old does not create the maturity that comes actually later at the first Saturn Return.Careers are starting to form in a more stable way. We get jobs that pay mortgages, feed our families and pay our ever growing demands of responsibility as in Bills!
2nd Saturn return is Age 58-59 60 is truly old age but what is old age. we know we only have numbered days and need to do this time around what we did not or could not before. It is easier if you go through the first return well. We realize with wisdom and crone knowledge that that we did not know before when we were going through it!.The stance we take now is clearing house of people places and things do not serve us and God. We realize that we needed career now that is fulfilling and meaningful. A lot of people change careers at this time. we realize what is important and do not waste our time like we used to.
Third Saturn Return is ages 88-89. Ninety is a mighty long time to be here of knowledge. Being a mentor to the younger generation and grand and great grandchildren. A person is in a very spiritual mode in the Pisces time of life. Death is inevitable and looked on as continuation of life in a different ethereal form. Most folks are retired then. A second childhood of innocence is happening to go into the kingdom of Heaven!
Forth Saturn return( No one has lived that long)  118-119- At One Hundred and Twenty You are the sage. Otherworldly takes over and the responsibility is truly objective! we will see people living this long in the future!
In the astrolgy chart Saturn transits through the house. It moves so slow and is a very distant planet that it takes 30 years to return. It falls in a sign and usually stays there in the same sign our whole life. We have to leran the lessons that Saturn teachesor else suffer more. We are held on this earth with Maya and Karma repeating untill we learn. We can make our peace with Saturn and use it like it uses us. It teaches us to use what we need. The mantra is " I Use" Saturn is home in its own sign of Capricorn.