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Incarnation is being born to the earth. Reincarnation is the process of returning to heaven and coming back to earth being born into a body and a lifetime to learn life lessons and pay our karmic dues. Karma is the process of for every action is a reaction.  Our lives are predestined by God. There are no accidents. That is why the future is able to be veiwed because it is written by God what will happen in our lifetime. We are co-creaters and we are asked by a council on the otherside in heaven  a series of questions as they review and go over our life script with us. This is a passion play by God that we act out. We keep coming back untill we have lived our lifetimes, burned up karma and payed our dues. We owe others and they owe us when we have karma. We must repay  and be repated by others  in a lesson, actual money or favor we owe others  from a past life. When we are done with karma we return eventually to God to stay in heaven. We can live many lifetimes. We are a female or male spirit and we can live lifetimes as either sex , bisexual or gay or lesbian. A male spirit can come back as a woman. ( or visa versa) It does not mean they will be gay or lesbian. People are born gay or lesbian. It is not learned. It is a natural state by God.  It is very misunderstood in society. We have to learn our lessons and keep coming back untill we get it right. What we do comes back to us. What we do unto others comes back 10,100 and 1,000fold.God rights wrongs and so we do not need to seek vengence because everyone eventually gets thier due.
 I am writing a book and I will explain my past lifetimes. We ( most of us) have lived many lifetimes in many different countries , races and religions. we need to remember our past lives by regression.
reincarnation is the cycle of life death and rebirth on earth, We heal as we come back to learn in each life lessonThe Cycle of life is a figure 8 never ending.