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   Reiki Healing

Reiki-Affermation is said to heal with reiki performed.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a healing technique .  It is a Tibetan Buddhist practice that was rediscovered as Japanese Buddhist. Reiki is Japanese for 'Universal Life Force'. The energy is known as 'Chi' in Chinese or 'Prana' in Indian cultures. If the energy channel (meridian) becomes blocked, dis-ease can then be experienced in various forms. Reiki is an invisible energy that may be felt as cold or heat and perhaps tingling. It is a gentle, yet powerful healing energy; it energies both the practitioner and the recipient. Reiki works at a cellular level, boosting energy at each level, physical, mental spiritual and emotional. Reiki never causes harm as the energy will flow to whichever part of the body that requires it most. Reiki never interferes with the recipient's religion or spiritual beliefs; in fact it can reaffirm their belief. You do not need to have belief in Reiki, just the willingness to be healed.  Reiki was a long lost method of healing rediscovered . Dr Usui impressed with Buddha's quest for enlightenment, even though the Buddha, having been born into extreme wealth, did not lack any material need or pleasure. Dr Usui was fascinated by both the Buddha's desire to help others and the unusual metaphysical abilities he received after achieving enlightenment. He also noted that the Buddha was said to be able to heal physical illness and that many of this disciples acquired healing abilities by following his teachings. He saw many people around him that were sick and wondered if it would be possible to acquire the ability to heal physical illness in the same way the Buddha had done. He was determined to learn the secret of healing so that he may help others. His studies took him several years and on many travels. He learned Chinese and Sanskritt so as he could read sacred books. It was in the Indian sutras, written in Sanskrit that he discovered a formula for contacting a higher power that could bestow healing. He set out on a pilgrimage to a holy mountain called Kori-Yama; there he stayed for 21 days. Eventually on the 21st in the evening, a point of light came towards him. He realized the light had a consciousness and that it was communicating with him. He realized the light had the healing power he was looking for and to receive it, he must allow the light to strike him. After the incredible experience he was able to go and heal the sick. He decided that he needed to pass on his knowledge and abilities to others so that the healing can be continued after he had departed this world. He set up a healing center to heal the sick and also trained assistants to help. Dr Usui set out to initiate select people and used a particular ceremony called 'Attunements'. Special symbols are passed on from 'Master' to student to enable them to perform healing. Anyone is able to become attuned to the healing symbols, it is a simple training.

Karuna Reiki Karuna is a sanskritt word used in Hinduism and Zen, meaning 'compassionate action', or any action taken to help alleviate suffering of others. Karuna summed up as wisdom tempered with compassion. Karuna Reiki was developed by William Lee Rand, an American Reiki Master. 

KorManu Healing KorManu is ancient and futuristic. It comes to us from the fourteenth dimension, which is the full-circle of past, present and future. It has its birth in the language of the Dolphins and comes to earth from the Dolphin planet. It is used in many of the major star systems, which is where we originally learned it. KorManu is being brought to earth through the co-creative efforts of human receivers, dolphin holders and interdimensional beings who are committed to the awakening of this planet. KorManu is intelligent, powerful, creative and dramatic. It is evolutionary; therefore individuals who have received this attunement will be inspired by Spirit in the moment, and will bring through many other symbols and methods of moving Light. It is evolutionary, therefore individuals who have received this attunement will be assisted in their own personal evolution - their ascension process. This works with the Blue Light.

 : :Reiki Treatment and what to expect:
I take a  medical history at the first consultation. I ask each client what they are wishing to address. Reiki will decide what is necessary for each client at each treatment. Reiki works at a deep cellular level. The body's energy field is very large - think of an onion skin - each layer represents an energy layer. Ailments/problems manifest in these layers till eventually they manifest in the body. The client lies down on a healing table or couch; they. close their eyes.  I channel healing energy through my hands which are held above the client. A treatment takes about an hour. A Reiki treatment is a very relaxing experience that can be accompanied with a feeling of warmth and sometimes, tingling. The recipient some times sees vivid colours, they can also get visionsr  and can sense an emotional release and find solutions to their problems. How can Reiki help and what ailments can Reiki treat?  Clients have improvement to ailments such as bad back, knee injuries, stiff neck. Emotional blocks can be relieved and a general sense of calm and relaxation. The benefits of healing are many and various. You do not 'have' to believe in healing to be treated, just willingness to feel well. I use this in conjunct with hands on healing in which I lay my hands on the body. I use visualization to bring about the Blue light and tune into healers on the other side. It helps taht you have an open mind and help it along with a sense of trust in the Divine to heal through this. .

Reki is very close to and uses similar methods to get the same result as Shamanism. Blue Light Energy Healing is used in the 14th ray of interplanetary attunement associated with Kormanu healing. We in 2012 can go even further than before. The veil has been lifted to tapping into higher realms of healing. In reality I actually got really involved in the development of this art in the 1970'still now and to the point it is now. My past life knowledge of this helped. Raphael and the healing Angels work on us with this method of healing and others. This principle works in line with Chakra healing. It alines the meridians of the the body.