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Reflexology Healing
Reflexology can heal and helps as a healing guide with a amp of the organ centers connected to hands and feet. map
Reflexology is a  holistic Art of healing. It work with the principle of mind body spirit connecting with the feet,hands and head to the organs of the body. The left foot and hand are related to the the organs on the  left side of the body and the right foot and hand  to the organs on the right side. The  Gentle pressure is used with thumbs and fingers,at pressure points in zones of the feet, hands and face, connected to specific organs. When pain and discomfort is felt it indicates a problem with that organ. I use my medical intuition with any healing to look inside and see what is happening as well .
 MY Methods: I first talk with a client and find out from medical history and recent complaints what is going on and where and what  to focus.I am a  trained and certified reflexologist ,trained in the method taught by the late Irene's Myommasology  Institute and from as taught by Christina Minke the late Susan Minke from The Tree house for Earths Children Center in Farmington, Michigan. I have been performing reflexology since I was  19 when I practiced with the late Harry Zerbo . I helped develop this practice over the years. I Have clients lay down on my massage table or sit in a chair with feet flat on the ground. I use this in conjunct with energy healing with a combination of Reiki ,shamanism and Blue light healing that work s on the Highest Ray and Chakra,the 14th. I use visualization and deep breath relaxation I teach  to all my clients. In a relaxed state I start with the points in the head, then work to the hands, manipulating the wrists, then to the feet and ankles as well. It is very relaxing and energizing as well as healing. I play soft music to help sooth the soul. It is important you are as comfortable and feel safe. I cover you up to keep you warm because the body temperature drops as you relax. It takes away stress and you feel warm sensation go through your body.
Reflexology can help treat diseases A-Z. *Migraines *Intestinal disorders * fatigue * immune disorders that effect the organs and many more. I have used this on Cancer patients as well as many others with a wide verity of ailments. With reflexology and other healing modalities, I have and all to help Heal Many! Raphael and the healing Angels help us when healing. I call on them often.Namaste

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