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Our guides and friends and loved ones show up as orbs.Psychic Medium                                     Call me at 810-923-3772
Being a psychic medium is Spiritual to me. I always say prayers of protection to not allow any unwanted activity. St Michael protects me as well as Jesus, Blessed Mother and of course God.. I ask specifics for the point of a channeling and talk to the deceased loved ones as they come through. I get visions. This is called clairvoyance or clairvoyant( as in what I am because I do this). and hear them talk. This is called Claireaudio or clair audience. The guides family, angels, fairies, star people, saints, Arch Angels, animal guides and ascended masters all help.Christ and The Blessed Mother help us. We can ask them questions, petition their help and just receive instruction by God from these messengers. My intuition is the Psychic and my adeptness and the ability to talk to the other side is Medium.
 You can learn to talk to God and get your instruction. I give classes in intuitive development.
These orbs appeared after reiki energy healing was performed in the area Pictures of Orbs. This is how they appear when you see spirits visually. They appear as orbs. They show up well on camera. Them there is the more earthly apparitions. The white to actual shaded images are spirits contacting us. Gotta love the orbs. The Blue Light Orbs are the sacred healing energy. The orbs are the Pleadeans . They help to heal us along with St. Raphael and the healing angels. I love the one picture that was energized by Reiki Blue Light Healing to the left!  The other side comes through clearer now after the 2012  Dec. 21st Shift. Enjoy the new ability to up the healing process and communication efforts connected and involved with heaven and the other side.
This spirit manifested in  a church
Great photo of spirit.orbs.