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Prayer Requests
Blessed Mother Divine Please grant us the requests for petition. We thank you for Miraculous Physical and Spiritual Healing
*We pray for healing and  recovery for Michael Phelps from Michigan. His surgery is at 4:30am at Karmonos Cancer Center /Thursday 5/23/ 2013,  He is having a brain tumor removed and radiation therapy. We pray for healing love and light for Michael. 
*We pray for the healing and recovery of the death and devastation from the tornado in Oklahoma May 2013' We pray for Love, Light and healing for the survivors and the first responders. Comfort and give hope to the victims families.  
 *We pray for baby Kiara and the success of her heart surgery. 
 * Prayers for baby Liam and his heart healing .
hail-mary-prayer- Pray to Blessed Mother Mary for divine guidance, help, healing and protection of women and children.Praying for my mother Joan Morgan 89 years old. She fell and broke her hip. She had a successful surgery . They put in a rod in her feimer and a pin in her hip; We pray for strength and miraculous healing.   
Praying for Faith, Michael and Family! 
Praying  to the divine for   Abundance $ for All at this time . So many people dear lord need  your  assistance to advance their lives and in return do more good in the World. I prayer and trust in time all will have a more profitable return for our hard work. We pray to  Goddess Abundenata to help us accomplish our goals and missions.
Prayers for sister Cheri G. for healing from lung cancer and her recovery!
We pray for Syria and World Peace!
Prayers for the Novi Michigan police officer who has a growth on his back near his spine! Miraculous healing sent his way! Prayers for the family at this time!
Praying for the safe return of abducted Jessica Heeringa from an Exon Party Store Gas Station  Party Store on April 26th 2013, in Northshore, Michigan.
At this time when so many horrendous acts are hurting little children, I pray for all the young souls abused at the hands of someone they should be able to trust. May they be rescued by man, woman or God!
We give thanks at this time of Thanksgiving for all we have and pray those in need are helped. We thank you God Divine for all the Good things in store in our future!
We pray for Christopher H. 17 in recovery for miraculous healing. Give him the strength dear lord to overcome. We pray with the help of the flame of Saint Germaine to heal, transmute and transform this young brothers dear life. Thank You amen. In the name of the mother  father son and holy spirit We pray.
Praying for our friend who is stuck in a situation with a land lord and the people they rent from. Hoping that they find a permanent secure home.

Praying for Karen,s daughter,husband and young child for healing in relationship matters.

Praying for my son Devon at the loss of his father Dennis MacDermaid. I know Dennis has crossed over and is  around our son Devon. His eternal soul is at rest but my son needs recovery from alcohol addiction, that is a family addiction on his fathers side. His father suffered with it till his death and his gramma Mac and Grampa Macs fathers. Devons great grandfather MacDermaid suffered with the illness. it is a disease that needs heavy healing. Dennis has gone home but his son remains here tortured. My ex husband Dennis is resting in peace.

Praying for The Nation of The Ukraine that they may  find their true potential, know true freedom and flourish in Love and Light! Amen

Praying for little Dylan. He has  a brain blastoma. We pray for miraculous healing.

Praying for Ruth D, She lost her 4 month old grandson last week!

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