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 Are from a star system called Pleiades. It is a small cluster of 7 stars and is 500 light years from earth.they and we share a common ancestry. The Lyrans are our common ancestors.
Pleidians  7 Star Planets
9th dimensional light beings cannot be seen by us humans. 3rd demensionals, like the woman pictured above in the slide show, if walking upon the earth, are very beautiful and you would know something is different about them.
 They are light workers and are around to teach us to become the same.
  December 21st, 2012 is the time of our spiritual ascension to rise above our limits that once held us back. This is what the prophecy is about. We need  to be ready for the changes.Billy Meier Pictured  above in Slide show is a  prophet and the Father of The Pleidians. He is a good and old friend of mine. I first met Billy in England, when I went to visit my Nan and other relatives when my great grandmother was dying, in August of 1967. It was the summer of Love and Billy and I Discussed the start of something Big to come in 2012. Yes, way back then we knew.
symbol of star beings