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The Geisha. and the early Asian woman.
Past Lives
Most of us have lived many lifetimes. I have only met  few new souls that were here in their first life but that was more common centuries ago. I am writing a book on this life and many others as I am compiling them from memory. It is very hard to do but you also can, sometimes with the help of someone like myself, go back and see who you where and what you did. A lot of people have an idea especially about the last life before this one. You get glimpses of the puzzle and then put it together. Dejavu is I have been here before. It is the feeling and knowing the familiar in the places or people we have known before. In some cultures they encourage young children to remember and visit their  relatives from the previous life. In India this is common. The Dela Lamas have to remember their possessions and are given tests when they are young. What you owned in passed lives have a way of coming back to you in this life. I encourage you to explore your past lives.
 Removing Past Life Blocks
Part of the problem with premonition dreams I and many have found is #1. A lot of dreams about destiny death is this that it has already happened in  past life. I not only see this for my clients but how and about when. For instance, I have an unnamed client who kept seeing herself shot on the side of the road . she was frightened of was this something to come. I figured and saw for her it was her last life in Nazi Germany where she was shot down by German soldiers. So many come in with horrific memory of passed terrors and World war 2 is one experience I and others who lived it will never forget, no matter how many life times are lived after. #2 It is hard for me or has been to decipher what lifetime something happened. Because of my recalls I have often thought in the past in this life when reflecting that it happened in this life. When i realize now it could not have for the people I was remembering were either dead or old for it to be them in their Glory days. I have it figured. After Dec 21st 2012 I can see clearer the past present and future.
My Last Life before this one:
January 1st-1914-September 1944 Noor Inayat Khan
Noor Inayhat Khan as a teen ager
I know have vivid recall of who I was in the last life and many others. I am a very old soul. In my last life as I have in ones before, I asked people if they believed in reincarnation and told them I would see them in the next. I did this with select folks who where to play a part in reconstructing what happened to me and them back in that earlier existence for me. With them and the help of a  willing author, we wrote  my last, past  life story. I will fill the details in my up coming book about this life and the others listed here.

 I have had a life as an African woman in Africa Centuries ago, a Japanese woman and a man. I remember a short life as an Italian girl. I am working on the details of these. It took me years working on my past lives to piece them together . Be patient when figuring yours.
 I was Princes Noor Inayhat Khan who became a spy for the British Intelligence and worked with the french resistance to defeat Hitlers madness. I have met my brother  Vilayat Inayat  Khan  who has since died, his son, other relatives and friends. I gave messages from God then as I still do. But as in this life I have worked in the mundane world and still do. I am finally doing what i love now. I have lived long enough to devote my life as I always have in a larger way to God bu helping others. My service to mankind is my legacy The book is authored by  Shrabani Basu with me being the Ghost Author . She did research for me on actual dates, interviews with people and times as well as double checking the names of towns and details  etc. and brought the book and collaborated with help  to get published after we taped in on my recorder as I tape my sessions when I read people. I actually wrote most of my past life biography wit the help of others,who I am deeply grateful for their help. You will have to read that book for now till mine comes out.
The book is "Spy Princess The Life of Noor Inayat Khan"
Nora Baker aka Noor Inayhat KhanNamaste
George Nicolay- Lincoln's private secretary and aid.


February 27th, 1835-September1901  I was John George Nicolay. Born in Germany.  I moved  to America with my family in 1842. My hobbies where fixing watches, clocks etc., drawing and photography. I had dark hair,blue eyes and I wore a beard and mustache. I was in a bad accident , that I predicted,that altered my looks. My jaw was broken at 19 and I covered it up( The scars) with a beard. My hair was long.  I met Abraham Lincoln in school in Illinois and later became his personal, private Sr. Secretary along with John Hay. I was adviser to Lincoln.. I was everywhere but mostly on the East Coast. I remember Philadelphia  and Washington DC.strongly. I helped Lincoln win the war against slavery. I helped with the Emancipation Proclamation. John Hay and I wrote Lincolns Biography. I gave my book on Th Boy Lincoln for my daughter to publish after my death, to give her money to live on. My daughter Helen took care of me at the end.

Thomas Jefferson -born April 13th( the calendar was switched so it was the 2nd on our calendar) 1743-Died July 4th 1826  I was the   3rd President of the United States
Thomas Jefferson   was a visionary and the 3rd United States president Born and died in Virginia. My father was a plantation owner and I followed suit  I Inherited land and slaves from my father in that lifetime and my occupation. The slaves I had were offered their freedom and only a few left.  They were allowed to leave. They were treated well and even paid. I started the fight for freedom with being the person who drafted the Declaration of Independence. As this man, when my wife died ,I fell in love with a black slave woman on my plantation and had three children by her.  I had  a daughter who lived with me in my old age.They where all set free when I died.You have to google about me for now , about  me back then.

 I was schooled as a lawyer and an architect and built my house in Monticello, where it still stands. I was secretary of state to George Washington before becoming president. I gave my wealth of books to the library of congress when it burned down. I traveled a lot. My house was filled with collections from around the world. I was an inventor and was Ambassador  to France.

Squanto was a guide and friend to the pilgrims. 
(Tisquantum) meaning rage of God.
Born Jan 1st 1585 or 1592. Died Nov. 30th 1622. I helped assist the pilgrims to get through the first harsh winter. I taught them to plant maze. I was  a Shaman( a holy man) I converted to Christianity. I was at the first thanksgiving.. I went around trying to unify the Indians and white settlers. I was from the Putuxet Territory now Plymouth Bay, Massachusetts.

Michel De Nostre  dame                           
Dec. 14- or 21st 1503- July 1566      French Reniassance Medicine(Apothecary)/Astrologer/Prophecy
Nostradamus by Cesar
Born in Salone De Provence, France.
Author, visionary,trained healer-doctor and herbalist ,treated the plaque and lived through it. Rose hips flower therapy.I wrote prophecy's.

Su-shi was a poet 
Su- Shi
I was  a main poet of the Song Dynasty.
I understood all literary forms, including poems, song ci, essays,calligraphy and painting. My poems where popular in China, Japan and Korea.
I had  a dyke built on the West Lake, when I was in Hangzhao. It is a famous tourist attraction today.
asian woman 

Empress Wu Zetian
625-705 A.D.
I was the only woman to rule China as an Emperor. I was called the Hen who crowed at Dawn. Some of what I did was misinterpreted. In  male dominated society I had a lot of male adversary,s.
It was during the Tang Dynasty that I ruled.  The Buddhist religion was changed to dominate over others. During 618-906 was  a time of relative freedom for women.They did not bind their feet nor did they lead submissive lives. Scholars ruled and had to get elected by taking tests. I synthesized public works, reduced the size of the army, raised agriculture production, and created a peaceful era. I was the favorite concubine to the emperor. Empress Wang was envious of me and killed my new born daughter. The emperor punished her banning her from the palace. I gave him three sons who all became rulers.  When he had a massive  stroke I took over . When he died my youngest who was weakest was first to rule. I told him what to do. When he stepped down I became emperor. I liked this lifetime. It was one of my favorite. I died a peaceful death at 80. My other sons took over before then to rule .

chinese womanSuXiaio or Xiaojun
492-died at 19 in 501
Qi Dynasty
Famous Chinese Cortisone and Poet.. Not all my lifetimes are pious. Known as "Little Su" , I escaped the oldest profession before I was put to work. I had friends who helped. I proved valuable as a writer to the Emperor. I was sold into it very young, as  a child, by my poor family..  I was a champion of the poor. I left the palace. I helped inspired many  a scholar to write with my poetry. I died at The West Lake and it is were the tomb is today. You can always change your life!

St. Mark Pope Mark    Born ?  Died October 7th 336AD
 Pope, Holy father of The Roman Catholic Church Papacy From January 18th 336-October 336 AD
Marcus (papa) was St. Pope Mark

Mary Magdalene- Wife and disciple of Jesus.. I wrote the gospels of Mary and helped to start the Christian movement. I went to Egypt after Christs murder. I gave birth to a daughter and lived with mother Mary and Mary, cousin to Jesus'
mary Magdalene was Jesus's wife and divine other half. She was the true power in the ministry.Christ died to protect her the Holy Grail who carried the key to the mysteries and his daughter