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The pythagoreantablePythagorean table below is the decipher for the ancient alphabet. You use this for names addresses and places etc.
 The ancient esoteric art of  numbers and the Kabahla has been practiced for a long time. The magic is in the numbers and the healing learning  qualities are what  that they bring. The sacred geometry  is timeless.
Numbers 1 through 9 and back is the cycle. You have a birth number year and then personal number years every year after that.The math is this. You take the day and the month  and add that, and then the birth year to get the foundation. Every year after you add the year we are all in to your first two numbers.Double numbers are for more advanced  learning. I teach classes on this. 
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1One Cycle Year- Aries-Red/ This is a time of rebirth and new found vit ality.New beginnings/Starting over/ moves/remodeling/career changes/ new people places and things/ active physically.Plant seeds for the future.Yang
2Two Cycle Year-Taurus-Pink/ Emerald Green/  This is a time to get finances in order. Make peace with and the spiritual relationship to money and the material. seeds are starting to bloom and show.Yin
3 Three Cycle Year-Gemini-Mercury Green and Silver/ Sociable time with short trips. Airy and light. Time to learn better communication with God and all. Cultivate crops give rewards.Yang
4 Four Cycle Year- Cancer-Moon- Blues/Silvers- Like the ocean, memories run deep in this very psychic time of home and family.Nurture and heal your inner child. A sustaining time.Yin
5Five Cycle Year- Leo- Orange-Sun-Creative and positive as well as romantic. A good year for all kinds of Love! Children and animals are spotlighted.Crops are full bloom.Yang
6 Six  Year Cycle-Virgo-med fern green/Mercury- Harvest time and health time. Herbs, books learning and meditation. Also Service to mankind is paramount in this year. Yin
7 Seven Year Cycle- Libra (Venus-Neptune)- relationship with God and all,is important now. A very spiritual year. Yin-Yang /Heavenly timing is in this!.
8Eight Cycle Year- Scorpio/ maroon to Black/Very powerful and adept time. healing transformation takes place. Psych work/ mediumship.Good for finances.Yin
 Nine Cycle Year-Sagittarius-Jupiter-  Red Orange- Endings and completion. Let go of people places and things that do not serve you well. Clean attics and closets in minds, body souls and homes.Yang