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Music is Magic!Of all the gifts we have been given on Heaven and earth, Music is the Most Divine. It connects us all and soothes the savage beast. Along with Art Therapy, it has performed miracles with autistic children, troubled teens,as well as all people who are heart broken and in an A-Z emotional state.It plays in heaven, as a back drop to our movies and the movies of our lives .Of all the things I have helped create by God, this is my favorite. I Love Music any kind of music!! I know I am not alone in this! Along with being a ghost author.of books and plays and more, the ghost writing of much music is my best legacy. It is for my children and yours, generations to come .The songs live on in our Divine Hearts! Forever and Ever!The most popular is the Spiritual Music and rightly so. "Amazing Grace", is for my Father Joe Morgan. I helped in this life time to bring about renditions of this song.( I can not remember which life it was written so long ago. I will look it up and get back with you).. It was put to bagpipes. He was Scottish and so am I in part. I help the of music industry. 
Love and blessings, Rev Marilyn/. Aka secret singing Goddess of Music on Earth and Above! It Unites us with the Divine!
Music is magic. Music soothes the  soul and trancends spirit.