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Mother Earth
 Giaia is our Mother Goddess Divine
I am Divine Light..
Recognise the face in the art work I am the model years ago! Divine Mother sustains us. We need to honor her. She is the most important to us humans. Without herwe would not exist!
modern civilizationstill has a stilted veiw that is backward. Mother is still often veiwed as limitless vast plain that is ment to be consumed. Take a momment to see and think that the bounty we are all using, our future generations will need also, is not being tended, guarded and is not being thought of as an integral part of us. We are aprat of her while we are on this planet. She is the Goddess Giaia. She is the mother God on erath. Divine Agape love is givin as we arrive and through out our life from Mother. our heavenly mother kisses our forhead goodbye for our decension to earth. We belong to Gia as well as our heavenly mother father. We use her body to craete ours and eat her bountiful harvest. We take our first breath and our soul enters the body bound to our earthly coils till we draw our last. Protect her as you would your human family, your children youe parents, your spouse. Embrace her ,honor her and give back to her.
 Pay atention to the ancesters and listen to what they have to say. those who abuse her  and use some exesive resources. They are harming our todays and the tomorrows of our childre.
" Do no harm"
" Do not use more than you need"
" Reduse- Recycle Reuse"
mother earth gives us all here on earth.
The world is a beautiful place
'take care of her.
Happy Earth Day April 22nd
God has the world in their hands..GiaiaThe Wisdom Giver of Light . Life and LoveDivine Mother GiaiaOur Mother
Our Beatiful EarthWise Moother Earth