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Morning Meditation when  done with yoga breath work, 30 minutes a day improves health and well being.  
The art of meditation is a science. It works on the mental yoga of the Mind part of mind body and Spirit trine. The mind needs to be disciplined and trained to think right thoughts. By saying a repeated mantra like I AM , Peace or a longer version like Om Mani Padme Hum! (Sanskrit for  prayer to  Mother Father  God.)
The mind is a fine tool to be discovered and unveiled. The center,between the eyes, is the Third Eye and peneal gland next to and connected with the pituitary gland and Epithalmus.It is also part of the en doctrine system. Healing magic  starts here.  Concentrate on the third eye and repeat mantras slowly silently in the mind or out loud. let thoughts come naturally. deep breathing or breath work is done along this as part of hatha Yoga deep Breathing.
Sit comfortably in loose fitting clothing.The traditional  position is full lotus with hands upward and out stretched resting on your knees. Put your index finger and your thumbs together as to unify heart , soul and mind as ONE! A modified pose is sitting in a chair  sitting upright with feet flat on the ground. Close your eyes. take at least 3 deep cleansing breathes . Deep breath through the nose and hold it as long as you can, ,deep in your solar plexus in your abdomen where the chakra of dine Love is in the lower  stomach. Then let it out through the mouth with a long hahhhh sound. You can have the room quiet and dark or sit in sunlight outside facing the sun or moon, with eyes closed. Meditate on the third eye. Relax and let the light of God flow through you and heal and cleanse your mind, body and soul.ther are different kinds of meditation. One is  by using a rake in sand in a small box, you draw patterns and meditate on them.This is a Japanese, smaller version of garden meditation. you can stair into the flame of a candle with eyes open.
*The history of Meditation and how it came into existence on earth is this.Being a yogi or yoga start s with mind yoga. Back in the 60's,before Yoga of the physical execises, with the mudra poses, mental mind yoga was invented by God. Pramahansa Yoganada,a  dear old friend of mine, was the poster man and face of the movement, the books and The Self- Realization Fellowship. From 1968 on, he helped me promote meditation in the western world. The books he wrote, I actually did write and we used his face and created a story and photos to look old, like they were from years  gone by back then. I  first met him on my trip in England in August 1967. He died in the 80's. I have been meditating since I was 13 years old, and I am 58 in 2012. He was an actor, the man that is. I run the institute with a lot of help to this day. There are people,as always that run it ,under my remote behind the scenes instruction.
1971 is when hatha yoga of the physical body got started. I  came up with and  started practicing Yoga poses, back when I was 17. I Ghost wrote a book on yoga, the first one, then. I had miscarried a child and went into a very disciplinary phase for 2 years from 1970-1972. I became a vegetarian at that time and got involved with Eastern Indian culture. To this day they are the leaders,associated most with the   teachings of meditation and yoga., It is part of the Hindu faith practices. Tibetan and Zen Buddism practice meditation as their prayer style         
 Enjoy this Gift From God and All Others ! Namaste  
Lotus pose is ideal. Close your eyes and breath Love and light in.Out doors or in, find a quiet space to go with in. saying a mantra like I Am or Peace over and over helps to center your mind.meditation3