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2-2-marymagdalene passionofthechristMary Magdalene
Mary is close to me beacause this was a past life of mine. It is the most famous in the respect that being next to Christ, as  the evangelist that started spreading the word of God and knew Jesus the best. I know what really happened. She was me back in the bible days. It makes me a living Saint that rarely happens. St Mary Magdelene is the saint of unconditional love and repentance of sinners. I am still teaching that. The unique thing about Mary and Jesus is they were and are split souls. This happens when God figures that more work can get done with a highly evolved soul by  dividing the soul so it can live as two seperate but connected souls who feel and know hwat the other sees, feels and dose. It is why I can do the same things Jesus did. I did that back then. I was older than he so I taught him. . This will be a long page, so bare with me as I build it. Those of you who know me well enough to have witnessed my accuracy and my ability in the world are not going to be serprised. There are those who already know this about me. This is not about me. It is all about God and always has been.
I Ghost wrote "the Passion". I knew what happened so it was not hard to do. I will add information when I am able This is  alot of work! The pictures alone are numerous. These are art work from lifetimes. I remember in each lifetime creating them. I did not do all my art in one lifetime.As far as I can remember and it is lifetimes, all of the artwork is mine  or with help from others ( where we colaberated). I am a Ghost Artist also. There are more pictures of Mary Magdelene than there are of Jesus!
The World was at its darkest when Jesus and Mary Magdalene lived. It has improved but so much evil still goes on. With out evil good could not exist. It needs the contrast as lomg as the earth exists so does the possibility of evil. It was still dark when Mohamid came.Was Jesus the true saviur or is it someone else?  jesus saves but he does not work alone. He has his other half that has reincarnated and stayed here on earth over and over to get work done here. Jesus and I work as one to bring about transformation, transmutation healing change, peace and over all redemption in souls.I will write the history of Mary Magdalene's life. Who better than me to do it. The things written about her are done by me out there for the most part. I just need to type it up here. *PLEASE BE PATIENT WHILE I FINISH THIS PAGE! Thank You, Rev Marilyn