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 The original Gutenberg BibleHoly Books:  The most famous book I Ghost wrote in is the Holy Bible. God and I have a sense of humor!
I started writing the bible in my past life as Mary Magdalene. It went from there in every life time. I was  a split soul with St. Mark and to Jesus. We got a lot done by being three parts to the same soul in three bodies and simultaneously lived side by side. Yes it is more than clones. When Mary Magdalene died St. Mark kept up the cause and wrote the gospels with Luke and Mathew.
When we live l lot of lifetimes we can create over life times. Some of the books were written over life times.I was 8 years old in 1962 and living in a mobile home park in Ky. with my parents and brother. I had help with a publisher and a nun who I talked about this with. She was the singing nun. I wrote "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands", "Jesus Loves the Little Children" at this time or sang it and "Jesus Loves Me". I met Elvis then and sang some gospels for him to later record The personal cassette tape recorder was invented at this time. God figured I needed help with this project and  In the beginning with Genesis was my favorite. I rewrote it as if  were biblical  men back in the days then,  with all their bigotry at the time. Figure why it was rough. I remember living in biblical days and I am a split or same soul as Christ so I channeled the information and with my own memory as Mary Magdalene. Mary is the same soul as Jesus so they had and have the same gifts. It started something big . The Christian movement was never the same after that. This book has been translated deciphered sometimes by folks who have put modern words in that have no place in an ancient bible and were not originaly in there. There are references that got reinterpreted to say something else negative.. Homophobia and witch hunts against psychic mediums.Medium supposedly doing evil work. Later I will put the original verses and the changed ones new words stuck in them to slant the meaning.Gay, bisexual and lesbian people are not an abomination folks. My son Michael was born gay and is a wonderful human being. God made him that way . Also a sooth Sayer or fortune teller is not me or what I do. It is about the false prophets who channel and read and take you for your lots of money.  It was not Gods intention to tell me to write about hate but what hate can do and be. It is evil and the opposite of Love! You Hold The Key To Love and Fear with your trembling hands. One key unlocks them both it is at your command. Come on people now  smile on your brother, everybody get together, try and love one another right now. P.s I wrote the song these lines came from! I was around 17 in the 1970's.
The Torah
 God figured Jewish people needed a book to to follow so they had a few . It is basically the old Testament of the bible. The Talmud came later and the Zohar  about the mystical much later. The Torah came to me right after the bible. You see the underlying principles are the same Love One Another is the Greatest Gift. The Kabalah is the mystic numbers of God and the key to the universe.
The scroll of the Holy Torah
Laozi Te Zhu- Pen Name of author of Taoe Te Ching The Tao Te Ching was ghost written in a past life.
-Yin and Yang is balance of good and  evil love and hate Plor opposits One cannot exist with out the other hate
Lotus Nelumbo nucifera Flower Large  Our heart and souls unfold with love like the LotusBuddhism Tibetan is "The Silk Road Transmission" of The Way We or easy way of nature. It is called the Bohissattva or Buddahood. It is the unfolding like the lotus flower of the heart and Soul. The Dela Lama is associated with this faith. Another I Am consiousness faith. There are priciples of the Right Way. 
The Holy Koran Teaches of Love like the Bible
 The Koran or Holy Quran was written for the Muslims to follow. It has verses and 114 chapters. You see it is all from God by many names including Allah!
The Bhagavad Gita
-Gita for Short is this Sanskrit of India. This came later to me more in the late 70's early80's..George Harrison The Gita of Krishna in a chariot with horses driving him still and the Hari Krishna followers helped to promote Peace through this faith of the Hindu. It is about Lord Krishna an equivalent to Christ and an incarnation of.Krishna and Arjun on the chariot, Mahabharata, 18th-19th century, India