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Heaven is A Place called LOVE.
 When we dream we go there! When we leave this earth, each lifetime, we go there if we have the Key**We earn Heaven. This world is a test  and a place to learn. We are given choices ad we must choose Right. This life is a movie and  a passion play we act out our part and our script given by Mother Father God. Our instruction is given to us as we go. We have to listen to God and get our assignment. Our School work while we are here is predetermined. ..The *Key is to become like a little child. We have to open up our Heart Chakra and believe. Young children are so pure and innocent unless the soul is so far gone....By the time a child is 6 they forget . It is time to remember what we forgot. Who our true mother is has to be remembered. One day she will welcome us back Home! Heaven is our real home on the other side. Everyone you have ever loved, every animal and thing is there. The loved ones come to greet you when you cross. It is a reunion. Friends and family line the path to meet again to shake your hand, hug you and welcome you back.  It is your homecoming when you go home to God! When we have completed our karma, have lived enough lifetimes, learned all our lessons and are done with our work on earth, we stay permanently there to help from Heaven! So it is not so much what you do but how you do it!
  #1 Are truly grateful for all you do have                and the gift of life? 
 #2 Do you unconditionally Love all ?
 #3  Do you take care of Gia-Divine                Mother Earth and all that is here? 
 The rainbow bridge is where your pets wait to meet you back home!Jesus,saints and angels wait!
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