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 There are many Goddesses and Gods. This page honors their presence.
OUR PRAYER We thank you Goddesses Divine. You are a great part of the Divine Feminine, as we all are and we thank you for your help, guidance and unconditional Love in our times of need. Blessed Be
Divine Mother Earth Goddess Gaia, we thank you for our very lives and sustenance on you. We love and honor you great mother and we are eternally great full. Amen
Mother Earth Giya is mother goddess Divines on earth.
Pagen Goddesses and Gods where around since the dawn of time. During the matriarchal society rule, when women ran things and men were the workers they were revered mainstream.There were no wars then and a communal living structure was in place. When men rebelled and took over patriarchal society began and exists today. Jesus came to be during a time society needed rescuing. It was very dark time and the darkness did not end there. Christ being a female spirit, taught a gentler approach resembling the attitude in Matriarchal times. He set out to restore Peace. With the help of Mary Magdalene, he learned and studied the mystery initiations of the Divine.  He then taught Mark and his disciples. Mary and the disciples taught others and the I Am movement spread.
When Mohamed apearded, the darkness had even woresened. Light workers to day continue in the ministry of Love, to teach about the Living Christ and Living Mother Father God and Goddess. Balance ,s being restored. In 2012 we are being initiated once more, to rise above and transform to  a higher ground of existence. When I Ghost Wrote the Gnostic Bible a few year s back, it was to imply that restoration of the sacred feminine had started. The truth needs to be revealed for all to know.
Prayer to the Goddesses: thank you Divine godesses who help us through the nights and our days. We know you are a great part of the Divine as we are. We are eternaly grateful. Blessed Be
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