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This ancient art has been practiced for some time. I have used blue light healing my whole life and have been perfecting the practice since. healing energy comes from with in, with help of Arch Angel Rapheal and healing angelsThe healing energy comes down from the Divine Mother Father God, with the help of Star Pleidians. Negative energy is forced out. Visualization and psychic surgery are used. My formal training was done 18years ago. It consisted of Shamanic Studies and practice with a Sensi Master and a group of students. Mine was my old friend Daniel White Eagle. He trained with the school " The Way of The Shaman" Since I ghost wrote the program for the head instructor and the school agenda, I just had to be reminded of what to do. Daniel had lived 5 years with a Hopi Indian Shaman. Being a woman, they would have allowed me in the tribal confines to learn from him but Daniel passed on the experience and what he learned back to me. Aho
I am a Celtic Shaman from birth, and a Druid. I am from Scottish decent and have practiced my skills my whole life and lifetimes.hands of light heal with energy from the Divine Mother- Father God and Healing Angels
Healing hands is the energy that flows out to use for laying of hands and other body work to remove disease,tension, and give back a healing energy with help from healing angels, Arch Angel Raphael,God,Christ, Blessed Mother and More!
  There are different kinds of healing modalities but they all come from the same source and follow the same kind of principles and rules of the universe. Reiki from Japan, Shamanic from American Indian, Clelitic Druidism or Earth Majic, as well as world wide practice are all  are all Energy Healing. I am also a certified reflexologist useing reflexology massage. It consists of pressure point manipulation in the hands, wrist ,feet, ankles and face. It follows a connection priciple to the organs affected by this practice.
Chakras  It also works on the same meridians associated with Chakra Healing. The Chakras are located in central points in the body. There are the princple7 and the major 7 that equal 14.