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Death of the earthy kind is of the body, that is a shell. Life starts when we draw our first breath and the soul enters the body. Before that, it is around and can animate the body temporarily but it is not in it yet. My son Devon had trouble a month before he was born. I suffered a strange false pregnancy. I know now that the original spirit left and my son now jumped in at birth. The body would have died but he came 2 weeks early and was freaked out when he was born. He is a walk in at birth. Near death has produced many an advantage for a walk in to step in and live the life or finish it up. The body dies but not the spirit. The spirit enters the divine and leaves the body on our last breath.The angel of death is an angel of mercy to take us to our heavenly home. Hell is here on earth or beneath it. If we refuse or are unable to leave after death, the spirit is trapped on earth needing to be released. I have done many a soul release and sending up to God. We reincarnate unless we are done. So our body is a temporary gift to be used while we are here. Our body is our temple. There are many kinds of death. Getting a divorce is like a death. Death is enevadable and fore seeable. Our lives are one day destined to end. Our spiritual life is unending. We transform to heaven and eventually eternal life. The recounts of near death show how beautiful heaven is. there are many who have left the body temporarily when the heart stops for a long period of time and renters to start back up! Their recount of heaven is phenomenal Heaven is in the next demension around us. It is 3 -4 feet off of the ground in the next dimension.
We need to prepare for a good death so when we go we go gracefully. There are levels of consciousness. If we live well we die well. We need to learn how to live and die.
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