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The  Daily Moon Sign Transits EDT

The Moon travels approximately every two to three days through each sign. The Sun and other planetary influences affect this but the Moon and how we feel is most important.

The Full Strawberry Moon is on June 17th, 2019. It falls on a Monday and is at 5:42 am EDT.

1st: Saturday- Moon in Taurus is good for gardening and money matters today. Investments of any nature are beneficial now!:

2nd-Sunday- Moon in Taurus is good for financial matters and gardening today.

3rd- Monday- Moon in ;Gemini is good for socializing, communications and duplication. Mercury retrograde lessons this affect.

4th-Tuesday. Moon in Gemini is good for   multitasking and media today.

5th- Wednesday- Moon in Cancer is good for home matters today. .

6th:Thursday-The  Moon in Cancer is good for intuition and psychic abilities today.

7th:Friday- The Moon in Leo is good for creativity and confidence today.

8th: Saturday- Moon in Leo. enjoy the Movies, magic and miracles today. Be patient Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde. Lessons learned.

9th: Sunday- The Moon in critical Virgo is about organizing and minimizing today. Clean it up!

10th:Monday-Moon in Virgo is great for studies, writing and school things today. Recycle while you are at it!

11th:Tuesday- Moon in Libra  later in the afternoon. It is good for counseling and cooperation today.

12th:Wednesday-Libra Moon is a social graces day with a need for balance. Fung Shuay your home and office.

13th:Thursday-Moon goes from Libra to Scorpio. It is good for transformation, deep healing and discoveries.

14th:Friday-Moon in Scorpio is advantages for surgeries and plumbing fixes.

15th:Saturday-Scorpio goes to Sagittarius Moon ans spirits lift. Rain or shine it gives positive energy to the day. Travel and hiking are highlighted as well as horses. 

16th:Sunday. Sagittarius Moon is good for all journeys, the truth at you and foreign dealings and travel today.

17th: Monday- Sagittarius Moon is good for legal matters and fair objectiveness. Higher learning is highlighted. Ask the eagle to help with discernment today.

18th Tuesday-The Moon in Capricorn today means business. It is about error on the safe side and hedge your bets. Real it in today to get things done.

19th: Wednesday- Capricorn moon is good for disciplines and and in areas where sustained concentration is needed  to accomplish difficult tasks.  

20th::Thursday- The Moon in Aquarius is great for friends and metaphysical things. Expect the unexpected.

21st:Friday-Moon in Aquarius is good for philanthropic cause and large unified group effort. brainstorm today.

22nd:Saturday- The Moon in Aquarius goes to Pisces. It is good for psychic and spiritual matters.

23rd:Sunday- Moon in Pisces is good for the  divine and music today. Pay attention to your dreams for answers.

24th: Monday-Pisces brings mysteries and mystical realms to light. Magic is everywhere.

25th:Tuesday-The Moon goes to active Aries giving the energy to get things done. Car related matters are highlighted.

26th:Wednesday- The Moon in Aries gives strength and vigor to all today. Live in the moment.

27th:Thursday- Moon in Aries goes to Venus ruled Taurus. Things slow down and money matters today. Gardening and being in nature is favorable.

28th: Friday- Taurus Moon gives stability and grounding. Work with crystals today. earth magic is highlighted.

29th:Saturday-Taurus Moon is good for nature walks and being in the garden. Balance your checkbook while you are :it.

30th:Sunday-The Moon is in sociable Gemini. It is about communications today.

 JULY 1st:Monday-Moon in Gemini is good for recording and short trips today as well as multitasking.