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The  Daily Moon Sign Transits ET

The Moon travels approximately every two to three days through each sign. The Sun and other planetary influences affect this but the Moon and how we feel is most important.

Full Moon for January is the 10th at 2:21 pm ET.It is the Wolf Moon and is in the sign of Cancer the Crab.. It is met with a total lunar eclipse.



1st: Wednesday-Pisces Moon helps us to ponder our spiritual nature of things to come. A divine day indeed. Happy New year and New Decade!

2nd:Thursday-Aries Moon helps with revving things up and getting going. take off but stay grounded too. Hematite helps!

3rd:Friday- Aries Moon helps with energy and strength to accomplish new things and activate new beginnings.

4th:Saturday.-It is a day that calms down later with Moon in steady Taurus. Practical matters are at hand.  

5th: Sunday- Moon in Taurus later in the day calms things down. Practical maters of security are at hand.

6th: Monday- Moon in Taurus is a day to assess finances and money matters of budget and manifesting. 

7th:Tuesday- Moon in Gemini is good for communication, duplication and social things.

8th: Wednesday-Moon in Gemini is good for multitasking and information seeking today. 

9th:Thursday- Moon in Gemini goes to home loving Cancer. take care of home and family matters.

10th:Friday-Moon in Cancer is about emotional healing and opening up intuitive routes to the divine. The is a Full Wolf Moon and an eclipse. Deep healing takes place at this time. Open up to it. Be brave. Face your fears.

11th:Saturday- Moon in Cancer goes into Leo mid day and changes the tone to one of confidence. Creativity is highlighted.

12th: Sunday- Moon in Leo is good for  theater and and going to the movies. it is a day of love. Enjoy!   

13th:Monday- Moon goes to Virgo. Time to get organized and clean things up! Diet included.

14th: Tuesday- Moon in Virgo is good for writing, studies and teaching today.

15th:Wednesday-Moon in Virgo is good for cleaning, organizing, writing and studies today early then to Lovely graceful Libra . It is good for social graces..

16th:Thursday-Moon in Libra is good for decorating, compromise and partnerships today.

17th:Friday- Moon in Libra is good for counseling and balancing things. Do breathe work and aroma therapy as well as crystal healing today.

18th:Saturday-Moon in Scorpio is good for deep healing and transformations.

19th: Sunday-Moon in Scorpio is good for discoveries and medium ship work. 

20th:Monday-Moon in Sagittarius is good for hiking and higher learning.

21st:Tuesday- Sun in Aquarius, with  Moon is in Sagittarius is good for law and travel today.

22nd:Wednesday-Moon in Capricorn is good for business and disciplines.