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The  Daily Moon Sign Transits EDT

The Moon travels approximately every two to three days through each sign. The Sun and other planetary influences affect this but the Moon and how we feel is most important.

Full  Hunters Moon is on Sunday, October 13th at 5:08 pm EDT
It is in the sign of Aries. 


1st:Tuesday-Scorpio Moon brings October in on a fitting note. The vale will be very thin by months end. 

2nd:Wednesday- The Moon goes to Sagittarius mid day. It is about freedom, hiking and sporty things. Higher learning is highlighted.

3rd: Thursday- Moon in Sagittarius is about law, travel and foreign affairs today. 

4th: Friday-Moon in Sagittarius continues the pursuit of freedoms and foreign travels of long trips. Journeys are at hand.

5th:Saturday- The Capricorn Moon gives a more conservative energy to the day. Error on the safe side.

6th: Sunday. Moon in Capricorn is about business and on a Sunday you can plan for the week to come.

7th: Monday-The Moon is in Aquarius. Expect the unexpected. today.

8th: Tuesday. Moon in Aquarius ia good for metaphysical and philanthropic things today.

9th:Wednesday- Moon i Pisces is about spiritual things today.

10th:Thursday_- Moon in Pisces is good for music and the mystical. Go with the flow today.

11th:Friday - Moon in Pisces is all about the  divine. Meditation and art work benefits from this now!

12th:Saturday-Moon in Aries gives strength and insights of clarity to the day.

13th- Sunday-Moon in Aries is good for starting things and motivation today.

14th:Monday- Moon in Taurus is good for money matters and financial things today.

15th:Tuesday- Taurus Moon gives calm and practical beauty today. 

16th:Wednesday- Moon in Gemini is good for multitasks and duplication's today.

17th:Thursday- Moon in Gemini is good for all communications today.