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The  Daily Moon Sign Transits EDT

The Moon travels approximately every two to three days through each sign. The Sun and other planetary influences affect this but the Moon and how we feel is most important.

The Full Sturgeon Moon is on August 15th at 8:51 am EST.  

1st:Thursday- Moon in Leo today brings creativity and confidence.

2nd:Friday-Leo goes to Virgo Moon .It is times to clean up and get organized.

3rd: Saturday- Virgo Moon is good to clean up the garden, do an herbal cleanse and tidy up your house for Goddess sake. She will be after you if you do not! lol.

4th:Sunday- The Moon in Virgo helps with organization and writing skills today. Clean things up.

5th: Monday- Moon in Libra helps with social graces, partnerships and marriage today.

6th:Tuesday- Moon in Libra helps with interior design, counseling, mediation and compromise.

7th:Wednesday-Moon in Scorpio helps with surgeries, discoveries and deep healing today.

8th: Thursday-With the Moon in Scorpio transformations  take place. Medium ship skills are highlighted.. 

9th: Friday-Moon in Sagittarius is good for travel and hiking today.

10th: Saturday- Moon in Sagittarius is good for legal matters, foreign affairs and higher learning today.

11th: Sunday- Moon in Capricorn helps with business matters and disciplines today.

12th:Monday- Moon in Capricorn gives a conservative feel to the day. Error on the safe side.