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  Daily Moon Sign Transits EST

The Moon travels approximately every two to three days through each sign. The Sun and other planetary influences affect this but the Moon and how we feel is most important.

The Full Moon is on the  24th of October at 12:45 pm et. It is the full hunters Moon. 


OCTOBER2018 is the hauntingly good time of year. Enjoy Indian Summer!

1st:Monday-The Moon in Gemini gives socialability and communication to the day. 

2nd: Tuesday- The Moon in Cancer gives family and home a place in the forfront today.

3rd: Wednesday- Moon in Cancer is good for psychic abilities. Take time for young children and to nurture your inner child.

4th: Thursday- the Moon in Leo is good for creativity and confidences. Put your best foot forward today. 

5th: Friday- Moon in Leo is good for Movies, Drama and theater today. Moods are lifted. 

6th: Saturday- The Moon in Virgo is good for herbal healing, writing, studying and test taking.

7th: Sunday- Moon in Virgo is good for organization and   yard cleanup today.  Take a walk in th park today. 

8th: Monday- Moon in Libra is good for marrage, interior decorating and counseling. 

9th: Tuesday- Libra Moon adds social graces, beauty, and balance to today.

10th: Wednesday-The Scorpio Moon adds depth and introspection to the day. It is a good day for transformation, divination and transmutation. 

11th: Thursday- The Moon in scorpio is good for all discoveries and sugeries today.

12th; Fridayy: The Moon goes from Scorpio to Sagittarius. It is good for law and law making as well as travel today.

13th: Saturday- Sagittarius Moon helps us go hike, speak our truth and gives broad over view visions of the situations at hand. 

14th: Sunday The Sagittarius Moon is good for humour and higher learning today. Enjoy the Joy today. 

15th: Monday: The Moon turns all buisiness and there is a cool to the atmosphere today. Error on the safe side!

16th: Tuesday. Moon in Capricorn is good for buisiness matters and disciplines today. It is a good day to commit to a cleaner eating program !

17th: Wednesday- The energies lighten up through out the day with  Aquarius moon . xpect the unexpected.