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The  Daily Moon Sign Transits EDT

The Moon travels approximately every two to three days through each sign. The Sun and other planetary influences affect this but the Moon and how we feel is most important.
The Pink Full  Moon is in Libra the Scales of Balannce and Justice.
At 7:12:AM. EDT


1st: Monday- Aquarius Moon goes to mystical Pisces. Spiritual and other worldly things are highlighted today. Meditate  Namaste......

2nd: Tuesday- Moon goes in Pisces.  it is a spiritual time. What ever you do you will feel the hand of the divine working miracles today.  

3rd; Wednesday- Moon in Pisces today is good for psychic abilities and imagination.Go with the flow.

4th:Thursday-Moon in Aries adds energy and strength to today. With the Sun in Aries too, it gives light and heat. 

5th:Friday-Moon in Aries today is good for getting things done with speed and strength. Focus on a plan to help keep things on track!

6th: Saturday-Aries goes to Taurus through the day' An emphasis on gardening and nature is now!

7th: Sunday- Moon in Taurus is great for money matures and a mellow attitude!

8th:Monday-Moon in Taurus helps with finances and garden magic.  time to fertilize and clean it up!.

9th:Tuesday-Moon in Gemini is good for communications of all kinds.

10th: Wednesday- Moon in Gemini is great for all multitasking and social today.

11th: Thursday-Moon in Cancer is good for psychic ability and all things related to the home and family today.

12th: Friday-Moon in Cancer helps with home life and children as well as childcare today. 

13: Saturday-Moon in cancer goes to Leo and it gets creative. Enjoy the boost of confidence that this fire Moon brings today!

14th: Sunday- Moon on Leo helps with all things pertaining to theater and drama today.

15th: Monday- Moon in Leo goes to Virgo and it helps with organization and writing. Study and learning is highlighted.

16th: Tuesday-Moon in Virgo is good for cleaning and pruning back gardens. Separate the wheat from the shaft helps to sort out today. Good for accounting too. 
it is my birthday and I turn 65.

17th: Wednesday-Moon in Virgo turns to Libra.It is about partnerships and design. Balance things with breath work, meditation and mantras with yoga and aroma therapy.

18th: Thursday: Moon in Libra is good for social graces and art works today. 

19th: Friday- Moon is Full in Libra at 7:12 am ET.It is about communion and cooperation. The Moon goes to Scorpio and then it is good for transformation and deep healing today.

20th: Saturday- Moon in Scorpio is great for surgery and therapy such as counseling as well as discoveries today.

21st: Sunday-The Sun goes into Taurus. Moon goes into Sagittarius part way through. It is good for travel today.