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He  Daily Moon Sign Transits EST

The Moon travels approximately every two to three days through each sign. The Sun and other planetary influences affect this but the Moon and how we feel is most important.

The Full Moon is on December 22nd at 12:59pm. it is clled the Full Cold Moon



1st: Saturday- Virgo Moon is good to continue clean up and organizing and writing todaythe first half. then it goes to Libra.Things get more sociable and pleasent.

2nd: Sunday-The Moon is in Libra. It adds social graces to the day. Enjoy the beauty of the season.

3rd: Monday- The libra moon is good for paertnerships, marrage and counseling today.

4th: Tuesday-The Moon in Scorpio is good for discoveries and surgeries today. Go deep and find what you are looking for.

5th: Wednesday- Moon in Scorpio is a time for deep transformations ans breakthroughs.

6th: Thursday- Moon in Saggitarius is good for travel and  law. It is a time of uplifted spirits and objective thinking. It is a good day for higher learning too. 

7th. Friday- Moon in Saggittarius is a good time for walking, even if it is in the mall or on the tredmill because of the weather. 

8th: Saturday. the mood gets more serious with Moon in Capricorn. Get the hard jobs done and it is good for buisiness and disciplines today.

9th: Sunday- Moon in Capricorn is good for starting a new eating regiment or exercise activity today. 

10th: Monday: Moon Capricorn has us getting to work today. Error on the safe side.

11th: Tuesday- The Moon is in Aquarius is good for freinds and philanthropy. How fitting this time of year. Happy Birthday to my Mom Joan!

12th: Wednesday- The Moon in Aquarius is good for brainstorming.Expect the unexpected. 

13th:Thursday- The Moon goes into Pisces. It has a spiritual feel to the day. Beleive in the magic and the mystic. Miracles happen.

14th: Friday- The Pisces Moon is good for music and poetry as well as acting. Emagination takes us far. 

15th: Saturday- The Moon in Pisces is good to connect withe divine. Meditation, channeling ,psychic and spiritual  development is highlighted. 

16th: Sunday- Aries Moon is great to motivate today. Get moving and just do it!

17th: Monday- The Moon in Aries is good for car related matters, automotive production and perchases.

18th: Tuesday- The Moon goes from Aries to a calmer Taurus. Enjy the earthly beauty of the season.

19th: Wednesday- Moon in Taurus is good for money matters and investments.

20th: Thursday- Taurus Moon goes into Gemini. It is good for multitasking and communications.