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 Daily Moon Sign Transits EST

The Moon travels approximately every two to three days through each sign. The Sun and other planetary influences affect this but the Moon and how we feel is most important.

The Full Moon is on the  27th of July 2018 at 4:20pm ET. It is called the Full Buck Moon or Micro Moon.


August 2018

1st:Wednesday-The Moon is in Aries.It is a good time for action, cars and starting projects.

2nd:Thursday- ;oon in Aries gives more energy to get things done. Just Do It!

3rd:Friday-The Moon in Aries is good for action and  vitality today..

4th:Saturday-Moon in Taurus keeps things grounded and calmer. Money matters are highlighted.

5th:Sunday-Moon in Taurus is good for being in nature today. The pace is slower now.

6th:Monday- Moon in Gemini is good for multitasking and communication now.

7th: Tuesday- Gemini Moon is good for short trips and duplications today.

8th: Wednesday- The Moon goes from Gemini to Cancer. Iy is good for home and family matters.

9th:Thurdsay- The Cancer Moon is good for historical things, memmories and sentimental  journeys today.

10th: Friday- Moon in Cancer is good for home stuff in the Morning and Movies at night.

11th: Saturday- The Moon in Leo is good for all things. Enjoy the love and the day.

12th: Sunday- Moon in  Leo adds confidence to the day.

13th: Monday- The Moon in Virgo helps with organizing snd writing today.

14th: Tuesday- Moon in Virgo is good for studying and healing with herbs.The second part of the day is Libra and good for social graces.

15th: Wednesday- Moon in Libra is good for counseling, partnerships and marriage today.

16th:Thursday- Moon in Libra is good for cooperation, interior design and all kinds of decorating. Aromatherapy works well today. Be Peaceful! Seond part of the day is Scorpio and it is good for transformation and deep healing.

17th: Friday - The Moon in Scorpio is good for serguries, discovery and detective work today.

18th: Saturday-The Moon in Scorpio is good for transmutation and psych work today.

19th: Sunday- The Moon Sagittarius is good for travel and hijing today. 

20th: Monday- sagittarius Moon is good for fun times and all journies today!