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The  Daily Moon Sign Transits EST

The Moon travels approximately every two to three days through each sign. The Sun and other planetary influences affect this but the Moon and how we feel is most important.
full Snow Moon Feb 19th at 10:33am ET

February 2019

1st: Friday- Capricorn Moon is Serious biz today. Get hard stuff done!

2nd: Saturday- Moon in Capricorn is good for discipline and getting things done. Start a new way of eating or excercseing.

3rd: Sunday- Moon in Aquarius is good for friends and brainstorming.
Expect the unexpected.

4th:Monday- Moon in Aquarius is good for enlightenment and metaphysics.

5th: Tuesday- Moon in Aquarius- Is good for and philanthropy.

6th: Wednesday- Moon in Pices is good for meditattion, spiritual retreat and sleeping. the dreams are vivid now. 

7th:Thursday- Moon in Pisces is good for music and dance. Rest up today for the aries moon activities to come.

8th: Friday- Pisces Moon goes to action packed Aries. Get going and get it done today.

9th: Saturday- Moon in Aries and things heat and speed up. Extra surges of energy help to get things done!

10th: Sunday-Aries Moon is good for all physical and mental activities where strength is needed as well as a clear head!

11th: Monday- Moon in Taurus callms things down. It is good for all financil matters.

12th: Tuesday- Moon in Taurus is good for practical beauty. Take time to access securities and assets.

13th: Wednesday- Moon in Taurus goes to multitasking Gemini. Communications are highlighted today.

14th: Thursday- Gemini Moon is good for recording and duplications as well as media. 

15th: Friday- Gemini to Cancer Moon and psychic abilities are high lighted.

16th: Saturday- Cancer moon is about family and home matters.

17th: Sunday- The Moon in Cancer goes to loving Leo.. It is about creativity, theater and Confidence today.

18th: Monday- Moon in Leo is great for putting your best foot forward today. Enjoy the Love!

 19th: Tuesday- Moon in Leo helps w creativity, confidence and young people today. Theater is highlighted first have of the day. Studious Virgo steps in to take care of the details. Pisces is in the Sun house now!

20th: Wednesday-Moon in Virgo helps with studies, writing and fileing away today. Clean it up!

21st: Thursday- Moon in Virgo is good for organizing, recycling and environmental clean up today Then evening is good for partners and cooperation..

22nd: Friday-Moon in Libra is good for counseling, court cases and social graces today.