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Phone #810-923-3772 You need to have a phone correspondence to actually complete a request to book  a reading. When e-mailing me to book a reading or home party you need to leave a  phone number for me to reach you and confirm, as well as get details. We have to talk by phone to  set the appointment. It is preferable you call.Please allow to 24 hours for me to get back to you. If the request is urgent please call me back and tag urgent on the voice mail. Please always remember leaving a message does not mean you talked to me. I can get very busy and may not be able to get back to you right away. You may text me as well! Emails are great for equerry's, sending Love and sharing information. No hate mail Please! It is also good  prayer requests. I am a one woman operation and do the best I can to assist and help you on your life,s journey.. I do however reserve the right to refuse service if I feel I will not be able to help you. When I read you,Please do not block me intentionally to play games with me, to see if I can see through it, I can see what people do and it gets us no where. Keep an open mind and heart and you will go far in all you do!.. Namaste

                                                      Love and Light..Rev Marilyn
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