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Celtic Astrology
Celtic Zodiac   Signs

Celtic Lunar Astrology is essentially a Druid Zodiac. The Druids were a sect of Celtic priests and priestesses who inhabited the British Isles around 1000 B.C. The Druids used a lunar calendar consisting of 13 months, each being 28 days long, plus one intercalary day. The Druid religion was based mainly upon an awareness of natural and supernatural energies. These energies were identified with spirits or dryads who dwelt within the ancient trees. Druids believed that trees were given spirits and attributes from the Sun, which was perceived as a symbol of the Supreme Being. Thus, trees were considered living entities, possessed with Infinite Knowledge and Wisdom...symbolically representative of the Cyle of Life, Death and Renewal. The Celts envisioned the entire Universe in the form of a tree, whose roots grew deep into the ground and whose branches reached high into the Heavens. In time, the Celtic people eventually designated a tree to each Moon Phase in their calendar in accordance with its magical properties. Therefore, the Celtic Zodiac is based upon the cycle of the Moon, with the year divided into the 13 lunar months established by the Druid religion. The Druids believed that the human race originally descended from trees, each tree being endowed with its own particular mystical qualities. They encoded these mysteries in a secret shamanic alphabet known as the Ogham...the origin of which is ascribed to Ogma, the Celtic God of Poetry and Eloquence. It is said that Ogma (son of the Dagda) created the Ogham for the learned and wise to use for inscription. Originally intended to be read from the bottom upwards (or occasionally carved from right to left), Ogham (also often written as "ogam") is pronounced as "AHG-m" or simply as "OH-em." It served as an alphabet for one of the ancient Celtic languages and may have originally been adapted from a form of sign language. The current understanding is that the names of the twenty major letters are also the names of twenty trees which were sacred to the Druids. The Ogham may still be seen carved into stone monuments of the Druid Era and is thought to have been a means for the Druids to leave secret messages for one another. The Ogham is sometimes referred to as "Crane Knowledge," due to the fact that Cranes form letters with their legs as they fly. On the whole, the Celtic society was based upon equality and balance between the male and female...the female Druidesses being symbolized by the Dryads who lived in the sacred trees. Each Celtic Tree/Zodiac Sign corresponds to a given tree, a letter of the Ogham alphabet, a Guardian Animal, a Celtic God and other items such as gemstones.


The Reed Ngeta / lOctober 28th - November 24thThe Fire Festival Of Samhan/ Celtic Symbol : The White Hound Or The Stone/Zodiac Degrees : 5º00` Scorpio - 2º59` Sagittarius / Ruling Planet : Pluto - Pwyll / Ancient Gods Associated With Pluto :Greek : Pluoto / Celtic : Dis, Pwyll, Arawn /Character Reference Of The Reed SignReed / Characters Are The Duality Of The Ivy Sign. Persephone And Pluto Form a unifying aspect of the psyche which nevertheless is full of drama and passion. People born at this time have a powerful personal presence similar to the ivy people, the difference being that reed people are more forceful and less inclined to compromise, for they have a role to play which excludes any signs of weakness or the luxury of sitting on the fence. They act like catalysts rather than competitors in life, and they are more concerned with changing the whole formula of life rather than certain aspects of it. New moon people born during the first two weeks will make both powerful friends and enemies as their initial response is inclined to be impatient and impulsive. They will, however, maintain their position and achieve a great deal of respect, especially from their adversaries. Full moon people plan their moves with more subtlety and achieve more recognition publicly, but they are inclined to want to move on to other things which can undermine their true sense of purpose. Generally speaking, reed people are great survivors in life who are inclined to encounter the hostility of others rather than a helping hand.The roots of the reed go deeply into the water from which it takes its nourishment. These roots are the strongest part of the reed, in fact - so its true strength is doubly hidden, both beneath the water and the floor of the pond or lake where it grows. If you were born under this sign, you, too, have secret strength, and perhaps secret motivations, as well. Your challenge is to use your "detective abilities" wisely, not to undermine others to find their weakness, but to evolve into a deeply perceptive individual whose wisdom can be used to teach others.

The Rowan Tree-Luis
January 21st - February 17thThe Fire Festival Of Brigantia /Celtic Symbol : The Green Dragon / Zodiac Degrees : 0º00` - 27º59` Aquarius Ruling Planet : Uranus - Brigantia Ancient Gods Associated With Uranus :Greek : Chaos, Aether And Hemera, Uranus Celtic : Brigantia, Brigid Character Reference Of The Rowan Tree Sign ; Rowan tree people have visionary minds and well defined humanitarian principles. They remain, however, self contained individuals and their vision is not always shared by the rest of humanity. Their cool temperament disguises some passionate beliefs, for they need to argue their case against bigotry and ignorance. The new moon people born during the first two weeks tend to become impatient and frustrated in this struggle toward a greater awareness. Although they may be quite reticent on a personal level, they will, nevertheless, help pioneer great social changes with reforming zeal. Full moon people born in the last two weeks are less reticent all around, but are inclined to promise more than they can deliver. This will not negate their powerful influence and inspiration, and their response to all situations is primarily directed to asserting the rights of the individual.Sometimes referred to as "the whispering tree," the rowan's tree's magic was well known among the Celts. Its berry is shaped like a five-pointed star, first of all, the symbol of magical protection against spells, enchantments, and glamour's. You, too, are a magical creature, able to use your intuition and higher understanding to both enchant and protect. Trust your insights, and act upon them - even if others see you as 'unusual' or 'unpredictable'. Your ability to envision the future is priceless.The Vine Muin September 2nd - September 29thThe Autumnal Equinox ( Alban Elfed )Celtic Symbol : The White Swan / Zodiac Degrees : 9º00` Virgo - 6º59` Libra - Ruling Planet : Venus - Gwena Ancient Goddesses Associated With Venus :Greek : Aphrodite Celtic : Branwen , Guinevere, Etain Character Reference Of The Vine Sign People Born Under This Sign Have A Sensual Nature With Emotions That Always Run At A High Level, Yet They Can Appear Remarkably Cool In The Face Of Opposition. They Are The Instinctive Organizers Of Life, Always Ahead Of The Field When It Comes To Contingency Plans, And It Is A Great Mistake To Underestimate Vine Characters. For People Born In The First Two Weeks, Their Emotions And Energies Are More Openly Expressed. Their Weak Points Are Related To The Inherent Imbalance Of The Sign, An Inability To Come To Terms With Certain Aspects Of Their Lives. Their Positive Traits Are Shown With Their Natural Enthusiasm And Support Of Partners. For People Born During The Last Two Weeks Under The Waning Aspect Of The Full Moon, This Imbalance Is Corrected At The Time Of The Autumnal Equinox On September 23rd And They Have The Ability To Forgive With True Compassion. They Are, However, Rather More Difficult To Comprehend And They Are Prone To Over- Indulge Their Sensuous Nature. Generally Speaking, People Born Under This Sign Can Help To Create Harmony And Stability, But They Can Also Become Some- What Parasitical Or Totally Dependant On The Good Nature Of Others.Vines traditionally carry fruit, the most famous of which is the grape, used to make wine, that magical elixir that's known for its ability to dissolve the boundaries between us, allow us to mingle more easily, and relax with others. You, then, are a born socialize, with keen abilities to restore balance to unhappy or unfair situations. Your instinct makes you amazingly perceptive with regard to the motives of others, and your charm is irresistible. Trust this instinct, and form relationships that will last. Don't' be afraid of spending time alone occasionally - sometimes our own company is the best.
The Birch Tree-Beth December 24 - January 20Celtic Symbol : The White Stag Zodiac Degrees : 2º00` - 29º59` Capricorn / Ruling Planet : The Sun - Sul / Ancient Gods Associated With The Sun :Greek : Helios, Apollo ( Also Known As Phoebus), Cynthius And Pytheus Celtic : Hu, Beli, Taliesin, Arthur Character Reference Of The Birch Tree Sign :There are two distinct types of birch tree people, and this division relates to all tree signs. The new moon character is associated with the first two weeks of a sign and the full moon character with the last two weeks - throughout the signs. The new moon character has a more impulsive and emotional nature, but is inclined to be subjective or introverted. Their positive traits of character are shown by their resolve or faith in themselves in overcoming all obstacles. New moon people born under the birch tree sign are therefore more tenacious in pursuing their objectives in life. The full moon character has a clarity of purpose combined with a visionary nature and is inclined to be more objective or extroverted. Their negative traits, however, hinge around a lack of reality that clouds their judgment. According to druidic belief, the birch tree represented the seed potential of all growth, therefore, astrologically birch tree people have great personal potential, like the celtic deity Taliesin, which nevertheless requires great persistence in overcoming personal setbacks.This slender tree is a bit deceptive. It appears fragile and delicate, yet it is capable of living where 'hardier' trees cannot. If you're born under this sign, you, too, may present a rather tender 'front' to others, but your inner strength is unwavering, and you'll lend support gladly to others who rely on you. Purity of thought and a knack for realistic evaluation is also associated with this tree sign, since the whiteness of the birch stands out so clearly, in such striking contrast to the foliage that also lives in its native environment. Your quiet determination to succeed by following a reputable path is the stuff that hero/ines are born with.

Alder March 18 - April 14The Alder Tree Féarn / The Vernal Equinox (Alban Eilir) Celtic Symbol: Pentacle Or The Hawk /Zodiac Degrees : 26°00` Pisces - 23°59` Aries-Ruling Planet : Mars - Maurth / Ancient Gods Associated With Mars :Greek : AresCeltic : Bran, Arthur, Airem, Tuetates Character Reference Of The Alder Trees Sign-Alder tree characters are powerful individuals who are prepared to make their own way in the world. The path ahead is still full of pitfalls however, and the virtue of courage is attributed to this sign. Alder tree people make staunch allies, but prefer to fight their own battles and set the pace for others to follow. Their destination is always uncertain and a restless spirit prevails. New moon people, born during the first two weeks of this sign are perhaps the most restless and indecisive alder tree characters. While their personal courage and sincerity may never be in doubt, they would do well to slow down every so often and reconsider the consequences of their actions. Full moon people who are born during the last two weeks are the most persuasive alder tree characters. They exude a more confident approach to life generally, but can lack the apparent vibrant energy associated with the new moon people. They can, however, become extremely successful people by being strategically placed in the right position to take full advantage of crisis situations.The alder is amazingly resistant to water. As a result, it was often used in constructions under water, from bridges to foundations to stilts for homes located close to rivers. This resistance makes the alder a powerful force in psychic battles. If you were born under this sign, you have tremendous courage in the face of obstacles and the power to win in disputes. Watch for a tendency to create wars where there are none, and be careful not to dissipate your strength through engaging in meaningless debate

The Ash Tree :-Nion February 18 - March 17Celtic Symbol : The Trident Or Sea - Horse/Zodiac Degrees : 28º00` Aquarius - 25º59` Pisces Ruling Planet : Neptune - Lir Ancient Gods Associated With Neptune :Greek : Oceanus, Poseidon Celtic : Lir, Manannan Character Reference Of The Ash Tree Sign Ash tree people have a dual aspect to their character which makes it difficult to decide their true nature and motives. While they have an artistic nature and temperament, and appear highly vulnerable or sensitive, they can suddenly switch tactics and become quite pragmatic. They understand the baser elements of mankind as well as the spiritually profound. Perhaps for that reason alone- people born under this sign have the guiding virtue of compassion. New moon people born during the first two weeks are more impulsive and demonstrative regarding emotional relationships, more apprehensive, but immensely spontaneous. Full moon people born during the last two weeks are natural exhibitionists who respond with great generosity of spirit, which indicates a certain gullibility or naiveté. This apparent weakness is, however, just the reverse as it denotes a humble spirit - a rare human quality.The ash tree is famous, although anonymous, since it's the tree from which the Hanged Man is suspended in tarot decks. The roots of the ash penetrate deeply into the earth, and the tree itself is known for its speed of growth. It's energy, then, also builds quickly, but is dispersed just as fast. Born under this sign, you have a "knowing" of the connection between our planet, our universe, and ourselves. You feel the pain and joy of all other creatures, from trees to animals to those humans less fortunate than you. This lends to compassion to your personality that's incomparable.

The Willow Tree -Saille
April 15th - May 12thThe Fire Festival Of Beltane / Celtic Symbol : The Sea Serpent Zodiac Degrees : 24º00` Aries - 20º59` Taurus Ruling Planet : The Moon -Llun Ancient Gods Associated With The Moon :Greek : Artemis, Selene, HecateCeltic : Cerridwyn, Morrigan, Morgan Le Fay Character Reference Of The Willow Tree Sign :Willow tree characters are difficult people to get to know in any depth or detail, for people born under this sign touch upon all the mysterious aspects of nature associated with the moon. Their psychic antennae are switched on, so that they have recall to the remotest regions of memory. The positive aspects of character generally are shown in their passive tenacity and shrewdness. People born during the first two weeks of the lunar month are more inclined to sudden mood changes, which encourage some unreliable traits of character. The positive aspects are shown by their receptiveness to change in being quick to take advantage of the opportunities presented. People born in the last two weeks are inclined to disregard advice and their own reasoning powers can lack credibility. The positive aspects are demonstrated by their resourcefulness and excellent memories.The willow seeks out water, and is often found near streams or above natural underground wells. Like no other, this tree is associated with the Moon, in all her phases - and so symbolizes the change of our feelings and "moods" as time passes. Born under the sign of the willow, you are an instinctive creature - in fact, you often react primarily from your "gut response" rather than on intellectual information. Watch the rhythm of your moods carefully and pay attention to your dreams. Their symbolism will help you to navigate through life.

The Hawthorn Tree -Uath / May 13 - June 9 Celtic Symbol : The Chalice Zodiac Degrees : 21º00` Taurus - 17º59 Gemini Ruling Planet : Vulcan - Govannan Ancient Gods Associated With Vulcan :Greek : Vulcan Or Hephaestus Celtic : Govannan Or Goibniu Character Reference Of The Hawthorn Tree Sign:Hawthorn tree people are full of innovations and new ideas. People born under this sign are multi - talented and adapt easily to any changes in their lives. They have personal qualities akin to the celtic bards and druids of old, often excelling in the performing arts and naturally drawn to spheres of influence. Generally, their great strength is knowing the weaknesses of their adversaries or any opposing forces, but they are not ruthless people, merely clever strategists. People born during the first two weeks of the lunar month are more impulsive and have a more sensual nature. Their positive traits are, however, extremely consolidating once they have decided upon their course of action. People born in the last two weeks have a distinctly different approach to all things, and are much more difficult to pin down regarding personal relationships or commitments of any kind. Their positive traits are linked to a wider vision that opens the locked doors of the mind.The hawthorn is a small tree that was often used for hedging, and it has a mixed reputation. Known to be both a sign of fertility and death, it was said to contain the knowledge of both reproduction and transformation. Both of these processes take time - and if you were born under the sign of hawthorn, you have an innate understanding of both the importance of process and the necessity for change. Your challenge is to use that understanding to guide you when undertaking new starts - don't rush. Wait, and prepare carefully.

The Hazel Tree Coll /August 5 - September 1Celtic Symbol : The Rainbow Salmon Zodiac Degrees : 12º00` Leo - 8º59` Virgo / Ruling Planet : Mercury - Mugher Ancient Gods Associated With Mercury :Greek : Hermes Celtic : Ogma, Manannan Character Reference Of The Hazel Tree Sign / Hazel tree individuals are perceptive, clever people endowed with good reasoning powers. This sharpness of intellect promotes excellent debaters and writers. They are also great planners and organizers, down to the smallest detail. The urge to acquire knowledge promotes scholars and experts in their fields. People born during the first two weeks are associated with the new moon impulse of seeking knowledge and denotes an inquisitive nature which can become prying or underhand. But the positive aspects endorse a more impartial response. People born during the last two weeks come under the full moon phase which denotes a more outgoing nature and temperament. They are also inclined to become public figures who seek to educate or instruct people in the arts. Their positive traits are shown in their regard for honesty and they have well - defined principles. The negative traits are revealed in their hypercritical attitudes which stem from an inbuilt hypersensitivity.The hazel produces its nuts in fall, after having spent the year building the inner strength to protect them. The shell of this nut is so hard, in fact, and contains its treasure so well, that it was the inspiration for the phrase "in a nutshell." Born under the sign of the hazel tree, you also have an inner treasure to offer - the fruits of your knowledge. Your wisdom and ability to communicate ideas make you capable of transforming the thoughts and opinion of others. Be careful how you wield your word wizardry.

The Elder Tree Ruis /November 25 - December 22The Winter Solstice ( Alban Arthuan )Celtic Symbol : The Black Horse Or The Raven/ Zodiac Degrees : 3º00` Sagittarius - 1º59` Capricorn / Ruling Planet : Saturn - Sadorn /Ancient Gods Associated With Saturn :Greek : Saturn, Chronus/Celtic : Pryderi, Bran Character Reference Of The Elder Tree Sign:Elder tree characters evolve gradually during their lifetimes. Initially in their youth they are inclined to waste much time and energy on worthless ventures or projects. They are often fortunate or benefit from inheritances which encourage extravagant tastes or indulgences. They have a basic restlessness or an insatiable curiosity that draws them into the study of profound subjects, and they are inclined to travel great distances in order to further their knowledge. People born during the first two weeks come under the new moon phase of the sign and they are more outspoken and impulsive. They are, however, extremely persuasive orators who will constantly challenge injustices or what they see as corrupt powers. The people born during the last two weeks come under the full moon phase, and while they have great vision, they are inclined to operate more successfully in the background rather than pursue a confrontational approach.The elder is a very adaptable tree, quite able to regenerate itself in many ways. It can be rooted from a branch and re-grow limbs quickly, allowing it to recover from the damage of both natural and unnatural assailants with equal ease. Both under the elder sign, then, you too are able to live and prosper under any conditions. You will live many "lives" during your time here, and will carry those memories into every new venture. Think of yourself as a gypsy and a student, collecting experience and knowledge so that you may eventually become a great teacher.

The Oak Tree Dui/r June 10th - July 7thSummer Solstice ( Alban Hefin )Celtic Symbol : The White Horse Or The Golden Wheel Zodiac Degrees : 18º00` Gemini - 14º59` Cancer Ruling Planet : Jupiter - Jovyn Ancient Gods Associated With Jupiter :Greek : Zeus Celtic : Dagda Character Reference Of The Oak Tree Sign: Oak tree characters have breadth of vision. Their greatest personal asset is a sense of optimism and the ability to speak the truth no matter what the consequences may be. A lack of discretion can, however, be their weak point. People born during the first two weeks come under the new moon phase and they are inclined to take financial risks and make personal commitments which cannot be easily consolidated. The positive aspects of character are shown with their natural powers of leadership and the ability to rise above the human vice of greed or avarice. There is an element of self- sacrifice operating within both the lunar phases or divisions of the sign, but people born during the last two weeks of the full moon phase are less inclined to make financial losses. People born during the new moon are generally more flamboyant characters and rather glory- seeking individuals. Their positive aspects are shown in their generosity of spirit, an instinctive sense of survival and creative skills.The oak tree endures what others cannot. It remains strong through challenges, and is known for being almost immortal, as is often attested to by its long life and ability to survive fire, lightning strikes, and devastation. If you were born under this sign, you have the strength of character and purpose to endure it - no matter what your challenges. Direct your energies wisely, make sure your risks are well calculated, and you'll overcome whatever seemingly "impossible" quests are sent to you.

The Ivy Gort September 30th - October 27thCeltic Symbol : The Butterfly Zodiac Degrees : 7º00` Libra - 4º59` Scorpio Ruling Planet : Persephone Veiled By The Moon Ancient Goddesses Associated With Persephone :Greek : Persephone, Hecate, Ariadne Celtic : Arianrhod, Rhiannon Character Reference Of The Ivy SignIvy characters have great personal stamina and abundant talents that can bring personal honors and public recognition. People born under this sign generally are colorful individuals with a unique style of their own. New moon people born during the first two weeks are quite radical thinkers, akin to the rowan tree character, but they have a more artistic temperament. They are, however, inclined to be rather indecisive and their success rate tends to swing between two extremes that will set the pattern of life accordingly. Full moon people radiate a successful image all the time despite suffering a reverse of fortunes. They are generous providers, but shrewd investors regarding their financial resources and income. They are also extremely manipulative people who tend to use their position or power quite ruthlessly. As a result they often become involved in disputes and litigations.Ivy travels everywhere - it spreads happily and thrives in many places where no other greenery could survive. Its determination to reach through obstacles toward light and nourishment is well known, too. If you were born under this tree sign, your networking abilities will further both your personal goals and the purposes of your "cause" - whatever that might be. It's important that you use this talent to reach out, like the ivy, in a productive way. Don't allow yourself to bind others to you, or to be found by guilt, worry, or fear of the future.

The Holly Tree Tinne / July 8th - August 4thThe Fire Festival Of Lammas Celtic Symbol : The Unicorn And The Flaming Spear Zodiac Degrees: 15º00` Cancer - 11º59` Leo / Ruling Planet : Earth - Abred Ancient Gods Associated With Earth :Greek: Gaia, Ceres, Persephone Celtic : Danu Character Reference Of The Holly Tree Sign / People born under this sign, unlike the oak characters, are less inclined to take risks of any kind until they have carefully checked the odds for and against. They have a strong blend of personal qualities that denote great integrity of character. This relates to a highly practical down to earth quality of character, with the ability to solve difficult problems through simple logic. People born during the first two weeks of the sign are associated with the new moon and are more inclined to become involved in other peoples dreams and ambitions by providing both financial and emotional support. While this reveals an unselfish and sympathetic nature, the negative aspect is a blind optimism which can be personally damaging. Full moon people, born in the last two weeks, are more committed to their own dreams and ambitions. They will become the founding members of societies or great business corporations, though holly tree people generally have a great sense of history and tradition. The negative aspects of the full moon character is their hypersensitivity to personal criticism which may force them to retreat periodically from the world.Hollywood was used by the ancients in the construction of spear shafts, and as the spiny leaves show, it's well prepared for battle. A symbol of firmness and masculine energy, the holly endows those born under its sign with an equally well-prepared nature. You have a strong connection to the Earth, amazing physical strength, and the ability to direct your energy in a balanced, even flow. This stability gives you a generosity of spirit  and a very matter of fact solidness that others will respect, admire and rely on. Before you ingage in any battle, look inside for understanding.

Aries...the impulse to be...the will to survive. It is the Spring Equinox...
Taurus...the desire to be...the appreciation of earthly sensation. Spring seeks and finds fullness.
Gemini...the impulse to bloom and pollinate...buzz and share.
The Season of Spring enters its final phase and the sprout of the Equinox is now in full bloom.
Bees buzz busily from blossom to blossom and bright breezes carry the pollen.
Everything seeks to know the other and life is effervescent in its enthusiasm.
With the work of Spring completed, it is time to visit neighboring hamlets and share in the stories of Winter.
Cancer...the impulse to protect and nest...and to rest from labor.
The Summer Solstice makes its entrance. Cancer begins with the longest day of the year.
Full bloom gives way to the freshly-formed fruit and long, warm days summon forth new creatures into the world.
The Earth is protective of her young and, in private reverie, reflects on the chain of life.
Leo...the urge to shine...the desire to be.
Summer reaches fullness and the days are hot. With growing done, only ripening remains to be completed.
Wheat dons its golden husks and the cheeks of crisp apples adopt a radiant blush.
The early harvest fruits are the most succulent in this, the Season of Plenty.
The world is now a stage and each individuals wants to shine like a star upon its burnished boards.
Virgo...the need to organize and analyze...to prepare for the harvest.
Summer comes to its inevitable end as life adds a final touch to perfect the harvest.
It is now time to store the bounty of the Earth.
Life analyses this bounty,
the needs of the community and plans the crop for the year which will follow.
A detailed and organized determination is made.
Some grain will serve as feed...some as future seed.
Libra...the need to partner...the urge to bring together.
It is the dawn of the Fall Equinox.
Day and night pause at a point of equality.
Light dwindles as nights grow long.
An awareness of chilly evenings soon to come creates the desire to share a nest.
The crisp air of the day is a canvas of leaf paintings and the delicate filigree of early frost.
With preparation and organization completed,
the community gathers for the harvest of fruit and grains.
Time in the sun has come to an end.

Scorpio...the desire to go beneath the surface...to merge.
Life upon Earth's exterior mantle dies.
The strength of the plant returns to the root,
the potential of the flower secreted in the seed. Below the surface, life burns...waiting to erupt.
The visible world has vanished, but mystery remains and individuals learn to see with more than merely the eye.
With patience, the hidden life force will wait...and plot its return.
Sagittarius...the desire to contemplate, to understand and to philosophize.
The work of the Season is done.
The harvest is stored and hopefully in sufficient abundance to serve the community until Spring.
Fires burn brightly in hearths, illuminating the darkness of night and casting pictures upon the wall.
Within imagination, visits are made to faraway places.
The mind ponders on life's greater purpose...the meaning of existence and its purpose on Earth.
Capricorn...the need to conserve...the survival of the clan.
Born on the longest night of the year, Capricorn enters on the heels of the Winter Solstice.
The world is cold with limited resources and the harvest must be made to last until Spring.
Light and heat are precious commodities, but the silence of a clear winter night is often likened to that of a lullaby.
There is a struggle for space within the hierarchy of the community.
Darkness is a dominating factor, but each new day tarries a little longer than the one before,
demonstrating a slow but steady climb toward warmer times.
Eventually, the Year will begin again.
Aquarius...the urge to individuate.
Confined within the shelter but awakened by the lengthening light, the social animal demands freedom.
The spark of such desire becomes apparent in all life...the bear in the cave and the sprout within the seed.
Those imprisoned by the cold of Winter are summoned by the increasing day.
Individuals observe those around them, fascinated by human nature.
Together, each individual squirrel recalls the timetable followed by all squirrels and a great choir sings,
"I want to be me!"
Pisces...the need to dissolve, to shape-shift and become one with a larger truth.
Spring is not far away. Winter wants to dissolve into a new cycle of growth.
The ice desires to melt and return once more to the oceans and seas.
It seeps into the ground, becoming one with the soil, and rises into the air to encircle the Earth and return as rain.
The seed gives up the shell that makes it a seed, in order that it might now become a sprout...birth requires sacrifice.
The old must perish for the new to discover itself.
This is the Season which knows what others might question...the great mystical oneness that transcends all physical form, time and space.