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 The Universal Blue Star Light Healing Energy
eveil-terre-fractalThe Blue Star Light Energy is a healing light that is more than  a higher vibrational light brought by the Syrian Star System to use at this time for healing our selves and planet earth. It balances and realigns physical and spiritual bodies to the highest vibration we can sustain at this time.  It enables an easier  transition  and integration of higher and higher frequencies of light.  It works especially with the higher 7 (8-14) chakras above the crown on up. We are achieving access with in ourselves at this time to ready and heal faster and easier, releasing negative energy that has blocked us and our universe for so long. It lifts the veil with easier access  on and. after   December 20-21st, the equinox shift. We are then officially in the Aquarian age. We enter a much higher vibration frequency of healing Love and Light. The highest vibrational Blue Star energy raises the vibration of all healing modalities. this can be self performed, used on others or them using it on you. It transforms all DNA at a deep cellular level and corrects Physical, Mental, and spiritual areas It brings the being back to wholeness and good health. you are guides with help from Mother Father God, Christ and the Star Beings  ( the Paleadeans). The Blue Star Energy is available now to all. to activate a more harmonias healing and clearing process that takes place when applied..
* You receive cleared and balanced Chakras
* It opens your crown chakra to receive messages from God
*You move and live in the higher dimensions
*Use remotely or hands on
* Send Healing to the President, the White House, your country and the World.
* Heal your plants, animals,energize the food you prepare and eat. It energizes everything
* Use it to heal yourself,others and mother erath Gia.
( It takes 21 days to intergrate in your body so be patient to get proper results. Hvae faith in the process)
*You connect with your higher self that guides you.
The Blue Light energy is from the seventh demmension healing system. It is used like Reiki and Shamanic healing. It is fueled by the Ashtar Command. His ships have been cloaked here on this earth for a long time.  At this point some of us are going into the 6th demmension. It is time to release this energy in full to the earth. For people who are still in the 3rd demmension it takes them into the 4th, the 4th into the 5th and so on. it is time to advance NOW!