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Since the dawn of time the planets have been a major influence on us and we on them. Our relationship with the universe is charted among the stars. It is a road map of our destiny. Enjoy learning about your relationship to them.Planets are entities, they have a soul, like everything on earth it has a darma.
The Sun gives warmth and light to life and earth. It rules Leo a true sun sign of the Zodiac.
The Sun
 I will start here but the moon and how we feel is more important to figure than the Sun and who we are. We know that but our feelings elude us!. Luna plays a definite part in us. Patriarchal society took over and banished Lunar astrology to a secondary position to the Sun.
The Ruler: Star constellation Leo The lion;
Motto: I Rule
 Essence:Fire (A true Sun sign along with Aries where the sun is exalted.)
 A fixed sign, It starts with I am as a subjective point to balance the opposite polar that is Objective Aquarius,ruled by Uranus.
Leo The Lion Sun Sign 
Compatible with Aries, Sagittarius,Gemini and Libra Sun signs. To delve deeper ,you need to look at the complete charts that includes all your planetary positions and influences. A chart is erected with the help of an effemerous by someone who knows astrology. You can study and learn with the help of information on the Internet, in books,classes,and seeing a professional astrologer. Enjoy the recondite art of astrology and how it can help unlock answers to your questions in life!
There are Twelve houses of the Zodiac. They go as such..
#1First house is ARIES! It rules the physical body and how people first see us!It is ruled by mars and is a fire sign that is cardinal in nature. Impulsive and quick, also first to the start. It is impulsive and first in line in life! The ram is the constellation all animal. March 20th -April 20th is the time in spring when the young lambs are born and the motto is " Just Do It Now!" It rules early childhood. spirit message "Iam!" It is the time of Christ's birth on the 20th of March so long ago. It is the Alpha and the Omega on that day. We start new things and everything springs to life including Us Enjoy Spring Fever! Aries are natural born Leaders and Pioneers! It rules the mouth face and head and careers a to name  a few are , Artists Astrologers, Attorneys,Acrobats, Athletes  and Army ! It is no coincidence that they start with A,the first letter of the alphabet. Fiery and martial look out ,they are aggressive and loud. they can be immature until midlife around 50. They age well and mellow. Because they are big kids they do well with children. They make great kindergarten teachers because they project to the back of the room and repeat there selves at least 3 times to see if you are paying attention and have gotten it. Just let them know you are smart to and you have got it and they will let that go with you. They are in the Here and now and help you to live and be in the moment. They have quick tempers but hold no grudge and are quick to forgive and forget. being objective they get mad at the situation not the person. Exercise and fresh air for the young rams parents. Keep them active make sure they get plenty of sleep and make them eat right!
 I am an Aries so I know this sign. We laugh at ourselves and not at you! Libra is the opposite and as Aries ages they become Peacefull Thank God! They act more like their shadow self and exact opposite Lovely Libra! They finally grow up but remain forever young at heart!
 Compatible with Fellow Aries,Sagittarius, Leo, Libra, and Gemini as far as sun signs go. Again you have to look to see where the moon and rising is as well as all the other aspects are.
The Goddess of Spring rides Aries  the Ram The planet Mars helps to motivate us.
Mars is the 4th planet from the sun and close to us. We can learn to be ready for anything..like the Firemen that are ruled by this planet. Take Action! It is better to do something even if it is a mistake, than to do nothing at all. At the end of life you will regret the things you did not Do, not the things you did!
2nd House  is associated with Taurus and.ruled by the planet Venus. It is the house of  ones personnal money and material possesions of value. The color is Pink and the
bull represents it.it's values are patience , beauty, love of the sensual and tactile as well of financial security. Whence the love of money can go wrong if in a detriment. It is true love and slow and steady.Taurus's are usually faithfull to a detriment. They are a fixed sign and bull headed is thier down fall. But their finer qualities outrule any bad. The sweet tolerant disposition and slow burn when it comes to tempers is a plus. they are usually attractive but subject to weight gain. Liz taylor looked like a Taurus but was a Pisces with a Libra rising.  Being they are all by venus because  Pisces actaully has a strange agape love connection to Venus.
The Hemespheric Planet   Venus Below                                       
Signs through the HousesTaurus- 2nd House of Money ( personal) April 20th-May 19th.Gemini- 3rd House of Communication  may 20th-June 20thCancer-4th House Home and  Family June 21st-July 23rd
Leo- 5th House Creativity and Children  July 24th-august 23rd.Virgo- 6th House of Service August 23rd- September 23rdLibra-7th House of Partners and Marraige/ September 23rd-October 23rd.*th House-Scorpio the Scorpian-secretive, mysterious and deep rules the house of Death and inheitance ( other peoples money) October 24th-November 23rd
 9th house of Travel and higher education/ Sagittarius-The Archer / November 24th-December 23rd!0th houseCapricorn the goat rules career and reputation11th House Aquarius of Friends and Philanthropy. January 2oth - 19th of Febrauary.Pisces the Fish/12th house of Confinement, undoings and other world