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The Sun transits moving through a sign. There are twelve signs. Starting with Aries. There are twelve Houses. Each house represents a part of life's lessons and phases in life. There are major power points . The Sun sign, The Moon and the rising in a persons chart. The chart progresses a day for each year from our birth charts. The Moon is progressed through a sign, approximately every two and a half years in our chart. The Moon is most important as it rules how we feel and the dream world of our subconscious. It connects us with the other side. The daily Moon transits every two and a half days. The sign it is in affects the day. Read the daily Moon Sign Transits to get more insight as to the mood and Luna the Moon's influence on us each day and the Universe. Read Astrology and Daily Moon Sign Transits.


August 2019

From the 1st until the 9th it is Leo-Sagittarius  Decan. It is a time of celebration, outdoor sports and hikes, travel, vacations and party gatherings. . From  the 10th until the 22nd it is Leo-Aries. It is a time of added vitality. It gives strength and stamina to get things done. From  23rd untill the 31st it is Double Virgo. . The sign ruled by the Virgin. It is the start of getting ready for the main harvest of your good works. Time to get organized and clean up your act..

Leo -July 23rd August 22nd
Leo the Lion is ruled by the Sun and rules the 5th house of children and courtship.The flower is the sunflower. It is the house of theater and drama. It rules the 2nd chakra, the sacral. dharma and strength of purpose are here. Holly wood any one. Movies, plays and television shows are from this story telling, stage performing arena.The sign that when people are born under it's influence, it they are usually sunny,  confident and happy to be here. Entertaining, loyal and bighearted , this pack is a lot of fun! 

Virgo the Virgin is ruled by Mercury. She is feminine earth mutable. She rules the 6th house of service, educational studies, writings, computers, service animals ( mainly dogs), harvesting, organization and basically cleaning things up. This includes recycling efforts and herbology. ( The study and usage of herbs in healing) Mild, shy and duplicitous like Gemini in the fact when pressured it forces a cruel karma. So it is called the devils cousin. Bi polar disorder is common with this sign as well as highly critical left brained nature. A teacher she is in life,s school.. if you honor her teachings she brings order and precision of good timing to your life. She is a goddess.