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This section is about the Solar influences of the Sun signs as they transit across the sky!Check out the daily transiting moon signs for the month on  Moon Transits page , on this site.
Enjoy  this  time of Love, Above all else LOVE ONE ANOTHER!
There are Deconats along with the sun sign . The first decon of a sign is double Sun same sign People born at the end deacon of any sign are more spiritual and least like the sign.

Decmber 2018

From the first till the 9th it is Sagittarius-Aries. it is Haunikah . alight the Menorah. It is a good time to start festivities.be invoved in winter and other sports. Hockey , ice skating and sking or dancing, rollorblading or roller skating is good. Stay active and walk when ever you can.  From the 10th till the 22nd it  is Sagittarius-Leo. Time for theater, movies and Christmas concers. From the 23rd till the 31st it is Double Capricorn. We haveYule on the 21st, now on December 24th and 5th it is Christmas. Kwanza is after that. Celebrate the Light with family and friends,



Saggitarius-A mutable Fire sign ruled by Jupiter planet of Joy ,  rules the 9th house of travel and higher learning. The color is orange red. Frredom and discernment of the eagle flying high overseeing the big picture is prominent here. A msculine sign  . half man half horse called a centaur, this direct and honest sign rules mans law. Truth seeking it leads us to higher realms of learning and etthics..

Capricorn the Goat is a cardinal earth sign. ait rules the house of Career, reputation and duties with discipline. It is ruled by the planet Saturn the task master. It is in th 10th house of the astrology wheel we see one or more parent.The color is black and the stones granet, hematite and black onyx reside here in nature. It rules morticians, limits, liniar time and cementing reality into solid form.Good at buisiness because it is all that.