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The Sun transits moving through a sign. There are twelve signs. Starting with Aries. There are twelve Houses. Each house represents a part of life's lessons and phases in life. There are major power points . The Sun sign, The Moon and the rising in a persons chart. The chart progresses a day for each year from our birth charts. The Moon is progressed through a sign, approximately every two and a half years in our chart. The Moon is most important as it rules how we feel and the dream world of our subconscious. It connects us with the other side. The daily Moon transits every two and a half days. The sign it is in affects the day. Read the daily Moon Sign Transits to get more insight as to the mood and Luna the Moon's influence on us each day and the Universe. Read Astrology and Daily Moon Sign Transits.





 January 1st-9th is Capricorn Taurus Decan. During this time it is a beautiful period of earthly beauty, security, money disciplines and starting cleanses and new affirmations for the coming year. From the 10th till the 19th it is Capricorn Virgo. Studies, writing and organizing is in order now. From the 20th until the 31st it is Aquarius-Aquarius at its strongest. Enlightening and bringing great new ideas to manifest in the coming months. Projects with friends and for humanity are highlighted.


The 10th sign of the zodiac rules the house of career , reputation and disciplines. It is cardinal earth and ruled by Saturn the task master. A lot is achieved by hard work and diligence here. Color is black and the stones black onyx and hematite for grounding. Animal totem coyote the trickster teaches us hard valuable lessons in life. Karma and linear time is here as well as mortality, limitations and restrictions. The house of morticians and undertakers as well as grave diggers, cement layers, cement, brick and mortar and bones of the body as well as teeth.

, Aquarius

Uni sexual and asexual this energy of Uranus and unpredictable nature is ruler of the 11th house of friends and philanthropy. The electric water bearer is an air sign of genius ideas. It rules higher technologies and advancements of enlightenment. It is A fixed sign, with definite ideas. It brings the new age of humanity.  The color is Aqua and the stone is purple amethyst for healing. Raphael and the healing angels come from this high galactic order of beings. Akashric records, aliens and  more are from this place.