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The Sun transits moving through a sign. There are twelve signs. Starting with Aries. There are twelve Houses. Each house represents a part of life's lessons and phases in life. There are major power points . The Sun sign, The Moon and the rising in a persons chart. The chart progresses a day for each year from our birth charts. The Moon is progressed through a sign, approximately every two and a half years in our chart. The Moon is most important as it rules how we feel and the dream world of our subconscious. It connects us with the other side. The daily Moon transits every two and a half days. The sign it is in affects the day. Read the daily Moon Sign Transits to get more insight as to the mood and Luna the Moon's influence on us each day and the Universe. Read Astrology and Daily Moon Sign Transits.


 June= From the 1st till the 9th it is Gemini-Libra and it is very sociable and witty of a time. Weddings and graduations are going still. From the 10th till the 20th  it is Gemini Aquarius, A very philanthropic for a mutual social cause time. That fits right now.
From the 2st till the 31st it is Cancer-cancer. Time for family reunions, Geniology, history and Mom. Enjoy the official start of Summer.


Gemini is a mutable air sign that rules the 3rd astrology house of commutation. . The color is grass green. The planet Mercury is the ruler. the number three, short trips, duplication, socializing and multi tasking is from this. Citrine is the stone and Gabriel is the Archangel. Media, copying and early education are from 
this house.

CANCER-The Crab is a Cardinal water sign ruled by Luna the Moon. It rules the solar plexus chakra of emotions and communications related to intuitions and psychic ability. Mom, babies, history, nurturing, home and the 4th house in astrology is in this domain be. Keeper of the dream world and ocean she, Luna rules our nights, emotions and childhood memories. Pearl and Moon stone are the main stones. Roses are the flower.Blue is the color and shells can be added to this area.