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The Sun is in a sign 30 days . It has decans that go through that element. The Moon is  in a sign for you two and a half years until it moves into the next one.   

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From the 1st until the 10th it is Virgo-Capricorn. It is a time of discipline and study . It is about career and business.  From  the 10th till the 22nd it is Virgo-Taurus. It is time  for gardening, financial matters and security concerns. From The 23rd until the 30th, it is double Libra at it's strongest'  It is Time for romance, partnerships and marriage. Indian summer starts at this beautiful time of year.

VIRGO  the Virgin is ruled by Mercury . It is a mutable earth sign.

The color is sage green. The stone is a Blue  Star Sapphire. It rules the 6th house of service and health. Teachers, learning, writing , books  , herbs and Hermetics are some things ruled by this sign. Organization and hygiene is highlighted.

LIBRA the Scales  is ruled by the planet Venus. It is a cardinal Air sign. The Colors are Pink, Light Blue neutrals and beige's. The stone is Opal. It rules the 7th house of marriage and partners. Balance, decorating, counseling and judges are ruled by this.

Cooperation and Justice is highlighted here.