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Animals are our best friends and love us unconditionally. I will add animal Guides as I go here. North American Indian belief is they build a totem of wood in Honor of their animal guides. Find out your animal guides. What animals show up in your life! These are real spirits of animals on the other side. We may have known them in the life or others past.The four legged, the flayers, the crawlers help us and are all sacred. They have their place in the cosmic order. The smallest ant is mighty.
Animal Totem s help us.
Eagle  Medicine helps us with Objectivity and Rising above obstacles. When eagle is one of your main totems or just visiting you, it helps you soar and look over your situation with a detachment. Eagle says, "Do not take any thing personal in this world,especially yourself. We are here learning lessons and all is predetermined by Great Spirit."
Fox Medicine is cunning and crafty and resourcefully. They help us observe what is happening and make right decisions. " fox says remember the story of the fox in the hen house" remember to be ware of danger no matter how small and unassuming it may seem." This little protector keeps us sharp and wise.
Lynx Quiet and quick,lynx is filled with ageless wisdom and is not talking. It has to be known with a deeper sense than the initial mind. Hone your psychic perception now, with help of the ancient knowledge keeper . Be still and Quiet and the answers come. Listen!
Sacred white animal GuidesDeer They tell us to be gentle with all especially ourselves." Be kind and go with the flow says Deer and all will be better for it."
Buffalo A great provider of food a, clothing and Shelter, they help with these matter. Buffalo is a very powerful and strong totem to have or be visited by.
Sacred White animals are very special and spiritual. If you see one out side be grateful they showed up in your world. They carry priceless help and wisdom for the ages. They help with harsh situations.This is the time of these animals in 2012. More are being born. One of the most sacred is white Buffalo.
White Buffalo Calf is sacred and a good sign of providence.
white-buffalo-calf-womanShe said she would return as
a White Buffalo Calf.
Some believe she already has.”
Words of Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe of the Lakota Nation While two warriors were out hunting buffalo, a white buffalo calf suddenly appeared. As she approached them she changed into a beautiful young woman . . . which is how she came to be called the White Buffalo Calf Woman. One of the young warriors offended her with his lustful thoughts and White Buffalo Calf Woman asked him to approach. White Buffalo Calf Woman

As he stepped forward, a black cloud descended over him and when it dissipated all that was left of him was his bones. The other warrior fell to his knees and began to pray. The White Buffalo Calf Woman told him to return to his people, telling them she would appear to them in four days, bringing with her a sacred bundle.
And this she did, appearing to them as a white buffalo calf descending on a cloud. Stepping down, she rolled over on the ground, changing from white to black, then yellow, then red. According to this legend a young woman, during an enemy raid on her village, saw a toddler injured and ran to cradle him in her arms and comfort him as death approached. Soon she too was mortally wounded and her young body crumpled with the young child still cradled in her arms.
White Buffalo Calf Woman 
Her Symbols
In her delightful book ,A Goddess is a Girls Best Friend"Laurie Sue Brockway highlights the importance of the White Buffalo Calf Woman:
*In 1994, a white buffalo calf was born on a farm in Wisconsin. . .
the first white buffalo born in decades. Some believe she was the fulfillment of the prophecy that the return of the White Buffalo Calf Woman will herald the advent of an age of peace and harmony.
Now, more than any time in history, we need the sacred feminine to balance our lives and to balance our world. We must be spiritual warriors…culling the profound and important aspects of the power of feminine wisdom and directing them toward peace within, as without, and utilizing the energies of the goddess and all mythical women and spiritual heroines to help direct the course of history.”
One of her gifts was the suggestion that all children be taught to hold baby animals with love and caring, so that as they grow they will learn to love all the other babies of the world.
As she gave her instructions, the white buffalo calf that accompanied the woman rolled over four times, each time changing colors . . . once for each race, first white, then yellow, then red, the black, signifying that we are all members of the same family.
Her spirit hurried to catch up with the child's so that she would be there to care for him when they crossed over. To honor her noble act, the Sioux gave her the name
Mother of Life.
Later she appeared as White Buffalo Calf Woman to a young warrior whose troubled heart yearned for a good future for the children, a future without the prospect of continual war and divisiveness, a future of peace. White Buffalo Calf Woman advised him "to seek the vision of a mother's heart for the love of her children".
White Buffalo Calf Woman gave the pipe into his care, detailing the ways in which the people could learn to grow into responsible keepers of the pipe, cultivating peace and understanding.
When White Buffalo Calf Woman arose she was once again the beautiful woman, cradling the sacred bundle in her arms. Spending four days with the people, White Buffalo Calf Woman taught them sacred songs, dances, and ceremonies as well as the traditional ways.
White Buffalo Calf Woman instructed them to be responsible caretakers of the land and to be always mindful that the children are the future of the people.
On the fourth day White Buffalo Calf Woman left in the same manner she had arrived, telling the people she was leaving the sacred bundle, the White Buffalo Calf Woman pipe, in their care. She promised to one day return for it and to bring harmony and spiritual balance to the world. White Buffalo Calf Woman prophesied that the birth of a white buffalo calf would be a sign that it was near the time of her return.
A beautiful, and different, telling of the story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman is provided by Matthew Richter in American Comments, a web magazine fighting racial hatred and discrimination. This version tells the story of how a woman called the Mother of Life came to become the White Buffalo Calf Woman and discusses the meaning of the pipe and the prophesy.
* The chances of a non-albino white buffalo being born is One in Ten Million!
White Buffalo Lightning Medicine CloudLightning Medicine Cloud, a non-albino white male buffalo, was born in 2011 in Texas on a Lakota Indian Buffalo Farm. He brought "the Hope of all Nations" when he arrived. He was skinned and murdered for his hide in May 2012. His beautiful Spirit lives on eternally to help us All! The Hope Of all Nations is still very much alive!