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2102 Dec.21st Shift Prophecy
For years and centuries the phenominom of the December 21st. 2012 shift has been predicted.  It is time to finish preparation to transform when it takes place. It has been happening for some time changes in our mind body and soul. We are getting lighter astral, physical and mental bodies. Changes in our DNA have already taken place now it is December 2012* This is time restrained
 The Pleadians  have been helping us all along and now are sending us the UniversalBlue LightEnergy Healing. Reiki and Shamanic Healers have been working with this Divine light for a while now. The Blue Light Orbs are appearing. Even the spirits who have crossed over are changing. The orbs are a vibrating moving energy field of bending light . They are powerful and how our loved ones are appearing from heaven.
The UniversalBlue Star Light energy healing works with the Blue orbs. This energy comes from the Sirius Constallation. The Pleadeans are in this belt of stars.
energy-healing-blue-light is used to do energy body work as in Reiki and Shamanic Energy Healing. It comes from the star people.
The healing Lights of Energy are sacred and powerful.
You can use these tools to help transform
The white Light is the Light of The Holy spirit for protection..
 The Universal Blue Star Light Energy is The Flame of God that raises vibration of healing. The Violet flame  is the Fire of the Holy Spirit.which transmutes ( changes) negative energy.
Just when the Catapillar thought the world was over  It turned into a ..........
butterfly is the representing symbol of transformation as in the death rebirth experience and life rebirth. It is an animal totem spirit guide....................
The Galactic Alignment of 2012 ,The Holy Cross  of The Equinox Axis and The Milky Way Galaxy
2012 Milky way galaxy equinox cross is a sacred  astrology and astronomy happening. It helps with  the 2012 Shift.The Alignment occurs as a result of the precession of the equinoxes, the galctic alignment of the December Solstice Sun with the Galctic equator. The Precession is caused by the earth wobbeling very slowly on it,s axis. and shifts the position of the equinoxes one degree every 71.5 years. Beacuse the sun is one half degree wide, it takes the December Solstices 36 years to precess. through the galaxy the precise aliggnment of the solstice counterpart of the body of the Sun. The Galactic Zone algnment is 1998+- 18years = 1980- 2016 This is the 2012 Era. The glactic algnment occurs only once every 26,000 years and is what the Mya were pointing out and to the 2012 end- dateof their long count.
There are  Astro facts of The Matter From an objective larfer perspective we can vizualize the 2012 Galctic Alignment. 
Alignment  of Glatic Sun Center
The Precessional of the Holy Cross.The North Galctical Node  is the Gate of God. The opposite sideral at 5 degrees Gemini is calledThe Gate of Man (and Woman).The Western ptrecessional of the earths pole causes the vernal axes to precess around the ecliptic as well as creating the cycle of the Holy Cross- the time piece of governing the envoldment of the human conciousness. One complete cycle takes 25,000 earth years.