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12 Rays: of God Divine
1. The First Ray: Color  red or red to blue ( Magenta)  /power/Mars/strength/Vitality.- construction-protection/ It breaks away the old to bring in the new. Lord El Moyra Lord of the First Ray works with Arch Angel Michael  teaches us to know about life's purpose. The will of God or Yod in Scared Geometry.This is very dynamic energy so be careful when using it. Vices: Pride, Ambition, Arogence, Will fullness, Desire to control others. Virtues: tenderness, sympathy, empathy. tolerance, patience and Kindness.
Chrystal- Clear Quartz 
The 12th Ray: Golden White Rainbow Ray. All Colors blended. I AM Christ Consousness is the highest ray of God . Three more are yet to come. They are here. The 12th ray includes all the colors of the other rays and is symbolic in the Opal. It's vibration is of the other world of heaven and connects with the rainbow bridge. We  learn here our truest meaning of unconditional Love! There are many angels who work with us here at this level.It is the portal of December 21st 2012 that is now open since that date. There are 11 More Rays that makes it 22now.
The 12 th ray is divine energy exauhlted.
The art to the left is symbolic of the Angels and the Divine waiting for us to enter a higher realm on earth.Meditate on facilitating the 12 rays to wisdom and spiritual advancement. This is a true accomplishment  living on Divine Mother Earth ( Gia) . She is the holder of all knowledge to be had. In her realms the truth is revealed. It is in our time on earth that we are tested and learn the most. Meditate on the portal to have access to this knowledge. Go with in.Rise to new and Higher possibilities. Experience true Bliss that is Divine. Take in the Divine Love of True Godliness.