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       "See What The Future Holds" 

See What  is  up and the coming in the Month of March 2019 Happy Spring!

Thank You for Stopping By. Find Peace Here Now  and in The Divine.
Rev Marilyn Morgan can help you heal and transform your future.Let me help you with Career, Love, Finances, Health, Relocation and More!

 I am  an Angel Consultant /Reader- Healer.  I will help you activate your third eye and open up your own ability to see and self heal. I will help you with  clarity, , find solutions to problems and , make decisions as well as find Peace.
Through counseling,channeling, angel-energy healing you cam obtain enlightenment, direction, spiritual and psychic development . Also with prayer, meditation and more,you can learn to be happier, more prosperous,healthier and wiser in 2017..

I will also help with your relation ship with God and the Divine Mother- Father.I can help you find a sense peace after a loved one has passed. With help of the Divine, we will connect with them and your angel guides too help you heal.
 I can help in your relationships with loved ones here on earth.
 My Holy Mission Statement;I believe in  and work hard toward  World Peace, Personal & universal Transformation and Spiritual Healing for all.

My reliable informative consultation and healing sessions are private unless you bring someone you want present.  I make sure that I am very accurate in my communicating with the other side.  I know and believe all is predestined except our attitude and how we receive life. A positive, affirmative living approach brings results. I tape the sessions when they are done in person, in private, or at an event. I am  a psychic medium. The guides ask questions of you and I relay them.They help to bring about your healing transformations.
Read the information my site today, to see to help heal  and enlighten you.
Call me to set up an appointment to talk with me on the phone or an appointment see me in person at # 810-923-3772

My credentials,modalities, list of Consulting and Healing  Angel SERVICES:

*Universal Life Church non  denominational minister

* Trained energy healer

*Celtic Shaman :trained from Michael Harners school the Way of the Shaman

 *Medical intuitive

 * Certified in Reflexology massage

* Mastery in Western and Celtic Astrology

* Tarot Reader

* Past Life Regressions

* Life Coach

* Holistic Business Consultant ( Oakland Community College - Small Business Management)

* Help with Legal and Police matters

 * I can Help with Career, Love, Finances,Health and More!

Let me help you unlock the key with in that is your  I Am Consciousness and your God Sacred Violet .Flame Heart center.

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 All comes from The Divine Creator
" Each of you is unique and so is the reading and healing you will find with me. My healing work is the best. We can bring about miracles with the help of the Divine. Expect miracles!
 My work with the police and families of victims is life long successful in results of finding missing adults and children  and other areas . As a business consultant let me help with your plans of action. I am an Angel Reader- Healer let me help you. .........Namaste

         PEACE LOVE AND LIGHT  Rev. Marilyn ..Angel Reader
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Have a Great and Blessed day! Let the Light of Mother Father God and Goddess Shine forever with in you and with out you!