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February 2017 Full Snow Moon and Eclipse

The Full Snow Moon has an Eclipse this year. It goes full  exact  at 7:33 pm EST and the exact eclipse is at 5:34 pm earlier. It is also known as the Ice Moon or the Quickening Moon. It represents the restlessness many start to feel having crossed half way mark Embolc Feb 2nd to spring. This full Moon is for a time of passive introspection and looking back over the past. Look to the skies  for answers and grounding. Practice some breath work.  The Moon is in the sign of Loving Leo and Sun is in Aquarius the Genius!

Moon Our inner world- Ruled by the sign of Cancer ( Goddess Luna) -Past ,intuitions, unconscious emotions, nurturing and feelings. It rules Hidden emotions and desires, your likes, fears, worries  and the dream world.She is Yin and feminine by nature. It is our Shadow self as well. 

Sun- Ruled by Leo is Yang Masculine which is in turn our outer world, identity, our personal self, personality and how we shine our light out.. Sun is Now,self expression, confidence, strength and vitality of the sacral chakra.

Leo: -Fire,Fixed Masculine and ruled by the Sun. Leader, generous,affectionate, outgoing, authoritative and can be stubborn.

Aquarius:- Air-Fixed Masculine and ruled by Uranus. Humanitarian, determined, individualistic, genius, independent, modern and yes unpredictable, 

 With the Moon in Leo, it gives a larger than life stage presence and being  Full it exaggerates all!
We are guided to look deep with in our heart center. Unlock passions and creativeness. What is it that brings you the greatest joy and fulfillment?

 Sun in Aquarius says how does our creative uniqueness help Humanity and others as a whole for the greatest good? How can our uniqueness help make a difference in the world?

 Lunar Eclipse- This particular eclipse  gives an amazing dynamic particular of healing properties. Release deep seated wounds,activate  healing  health problems and let go of old fears. See what is holding you back from achieving your  success. This Moon shines a light in the shadows. It illuminates and shows solutions to problems out of the depths. 

 The planets are making a pentacle 5 point star alignment. The planet Saturn is at the head with Karma. The Sun to Moon is in harmonic, positive, shadow opposite, balance. A golden rectangle is formed with Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Uranus. The Number 5 is powerful  healing and gives the braveness and courage to transform.   Namaste~

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