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December 2016 Full Cold Moon

The December 2106  Full Moon is called The Full Cold Moon.  It is named such because winter cold takes grip and the nights are long and dark.  It is also called the Long Nights moon by some native Americans  because it is so close to the Winter Solstice.  The solstice is on December 21st at 5:44 am ET. The Full Moon is on December 13th at 7:05 pm.

  It is a Gemini Full Super Moon bringing illumination to the world.What ever that has been buried beneath the surface is rising up to the light of day. It has been coming to a head for the last three months.
It is a time for purging old energy to make way for the new. A new realm is opening up now for all who welcome the new to emerge in 2017. 2016 has been a heavy year with   a lot of endings.
Review what you have learned and see where you are going in your minds eye,Let go of people places and things that no longer serve you. Let it go.Transformation is at hand. Consciousness vibrations will come to view fully aware to set your course.  Be kind to your self. Nourish the wounded inner child. Reflect on where you have been. Vision on where you are going.   . 

  Release on the full Moon. It is harvest time. 

 Full Moon Ceremony

What you will need: * Water and a bowl( Add some holy water if you have it) 
                                   * White candle, holder and lighter
                                    *Paper, cigarette papers to burn, journal book and pen 
                                    *Sage to smudge, holder for ashes and feather

            #1. Find a quiet place you will not be disturbed, preferably with the view of the full Moon.

           #2. Smudge the area and you. Take three deep cleansing breaths  and release all       negativity  to the divine. Use the smudge to breath in and out.
           #3. With water in a bowl near the candle ,light it . Give thanks to Luna Mother Moon

          #4. Write down on paper that which no longer serve you and things. Do the giveaway.

          #5.State what you want to release. Take three deep breaths. In hale through the nose and 
             exhale through the mouth. Let go on the exhale and imagine what you are releasing being              sent up by angels . That is what will be happening.

           #6. Burn the paper , using parchment or cigarette papers. Drop it into the water when it gets                to hot, 

            #7.Throw the water and paper in the garden.

            #8 Thank Luna and the Universal Divine.

           #9 Charge your crystals in the Moon light and sun light.  Wash the stones first in soap and 
               water. Sunlight bleaches the stones with color so limit the time to 3 hours. 24 hours for the                rest. Use reiki on the crystals to energize them.

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