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Full Harvest Moon September 8th 2014

 The Moon goes full at 9:38 pm EDT.  The Harvest Moon, as it is called,was  a subject of an old song "Shine On Harvest Moon".  It is very powerful for  in reaping abundance at this time. It is traditionally the time when crops are at full bloom and ripe to pick. It is time to assess resources and put them away to get through the winter time of darkness. It is  a Super Moon. Drumming, singing, rattling and get together around bonfires is done on this day to manifest the fruits of ones labor from the past efforts. Every year it has  a different feel and twist to it. We are all in a sacred 7 year that is all about spirit the Divine and Mother Father God and Goddess. It has been  a money loss year, but oh so enlightening. World peace is something I always call on to God! Abundance is always  about all and not just money!
Calling out to all to help with manifesting abundance and reaping Gods providence at this time is  a good thing!  Monday is the sacred day of Luna The Goddess  Moon. It is the day of the Holy grail and the scared womb of creation.  She gives birth to our futures. She shines light on our deepest parts, thoughts and fears. We can look at these ans see where we have been and where we are going. 
  Time for Ceremony and Celebration...........
 * Go out in the Moon light and sit in meditation. Ask for illumination and enlightenment
* Go bare foot in the grass and get connected to the Earth and grounded.
* Bathe in the water in  bath, a shower or in the ocean
* Write and keep  a dream journal
* Do herbal cleansing
* Sit around  a bonfire or candles.
* Feed the community and give of time or cash to help.
*Reflect on the last 6 months since the spring.
* leave out crystals in the moon light indoors or out to be charged.
* Do breath work.
* Do yoga.

This is  a time of Magic and Enchantment.. Work with the Fairies, Angels, all guides and Goddesses. Ask for their guidance and assistance at this time!

The full Moon is in Pisces. It will shed light on old ghosts to see if they are telling us something. Let go of past hurts and the past baggage to give way to the new! This is  a time of Great transformations. Work with the cared flame of Saint Germain for transmutation and Raphael for healing.
 The Moon Hare is the rabbit to help us face our fears and protect us. Work with this Virgo animal totem at this time. The Hare teaches us about the value of  a balanced organic leaning diet and being vegetarian.
From the sixth till the tenth of September, Luna,s energy i s heightened to help you. 

Full Moon in Pisces is sorrow, loss,imagination, fantasy, illusions,lost souls( a good time to help them cross over),mysticism,spirituality, unconditional Love and sacrifice.
Rest and Be generous at this time, to yourself and all. It is  a
time of letting go of the old and bringing in the new. We are in the beginning of the Golden era of Enlightenment, The Age of Aquarius!
The Virgo Sun balances with discretion and  a discerning eye.It is  time of separating the wheat from the shaft. Neptune is in Pisces, 5 degrees. It brings great aid to the imagination of creativity. Venus is in Virgo to help with organization and purification.  It helps also with the written word.

    Namaste, Peace, Love and Light Blessings,Rev Marilyn


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chanel on Thursday, April 16, 2015 2:18 AM
A little bit of endeavor and additionally subjects for seeking out these things, believe most certainly speak to any preferred thing afterward.
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