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Brigid Fire Goddess of Heaven Brings in Imbolc

Imbolc or ( Imblog) called Oimelie , Middle Irish, Meaning Milking, and in the belly( imbolc).It is a pagan, Wiccan, Celtic druid festival. It falls on February 1st or 2nd depending on . It is the Festival of St. Brigid the Goddess of Fire and Queen of  Heaven. It is the festival of purification.It is the last of the four fire festivals. Before groundhog day,Celts looked to the badger, Brits their cats and the Eirgrews checked out the bear.
Christian candle mass celebrates Christs coming light. Sheep begin to give birth to their lambs. The milk comes in at this time.
Brighid was born into slavery to a druid who learned of her magic and converted to a believer after sin full ways and cruelty.  She performed miracles that where witnessed by her owner and many. She when on to help and heal many and her spirit she lives on to help and aid to this day.
Brigid rules the realm of birth, new beginnings, metal forging, fire, hearth, livestock, burrowing and hibernating animals. She is especially linked to Eweing and sheep who breed and birth in late winter and their milk comes in around the first of February.  She is the patron saint of wisdom, scholars, students, poets, artists, creativity, She is the Goddess of agriculture and planting . Brigid is the Sun Goddess . She brings in the warming of the earth and ushering in spring to come.  Brigid is the triple Goddess. She is the most powerful and high Goddess.  Brigid has lasted through transformations from pagan to Christian conversion as St. Brigid.  Her essence stays the same. She is bringer of the light. and enlightenment.
Caileach is  the Crone queen of Winter . legend has it, if you saw the Queen Caileach collecting firewood on Imbolc we would see six more weeks of winter. She is exhausted now and gives way to the maiden come,Brigid. She is reborn in Brigid. Wear white for purity as Brigid does.  Brigid represents wisdom and abundance of home and hearth light. She rules the lighter side of winter.  Imbolc represents a quickening. As we celebrate dark subconscious gives way to birth to new life.  cast off old habits. Bring in New ideas. Create positive ones from chaos which is Divine Feminine. From the depths of the subconscious . Purify with the Violet Flame of St. Germaine.
Brigid is the Goddess of Chanting and healing. this is a good time to bless newborn and unborn infants in the womb. Brighid is the matron saint of the druids and Aengies is the God of Love her groom. Burn candles, oils and sage to cleanse and purify.celebrate the reunion of the God and The Godd, arts, smith craft and all metal working involving fires. She rules over the sacred fires.. She also watches over the sacred holy wells. She is Goddess of childbirth and midwifery. Imbolc is the festival of light, spring and new beginnings.  It is the birthday of Brigid. She watches over education, learning,wisdom of all kinds, as well as feminine intuition.  She was not for gotten during Christian conversion. She has endured over time. Even in Voodoo she is known as La Grande Bigitte. mother Brigid is beloved by hoodoo, in all of her forms and manifestations. She is brilliant like a diamond and many faceted She is the fire spark of life. She is the daughter of Dagda and of inspiration and new hope. keep our old traditions alive and whole.
 Her mind is on fire  with flames coming from the top of her head. She can help you develop your psychic abilities. Divinate at Iimbolc and work on these. Imbolc is the first of four fire festivals. She protects wells of knowledge and real wells of water .  Have her bless your wells. She is associated with the spring of knowledge. Being the Goddess of machines she can help with cars and computers.  have her help you renew your passion and your purpose in life. She can help you with your success in career.  Brigid gives us hope for the new and works with our sacred flame. in our heart. Restore and heal your mind body and soul now with the help of Brighid keeper of the sacred fire. Renew your purpose for your future. She was there at your birth and birth of your children She helps birth all your projects
.  Say "We banish Winter
We Welcome Spring"
Old Crone goddess gives way to The maiden. The Goddess maiden is united with God. New Life is created of the world. New Creation of Earth is born. Lady of the Shores between worlds, Brighid holds Court in nature.
Goddess of Healing, transformation  and Renewal. We must pass through the Fire of healing."

 Ceremony is to be done on the 1st  or 2nd of February.
Create an altar:
Food: Place a poppy seed cake made with or with out lemon on there to be eaten during your ceremony. Place out pumpkin and sun flower seeds as well as raisins and black berries, spicy food that gives heat of the sun that can include yellow, orange and red bell peppers, onions, cornmeal and brown rice.
 Fire:Bonfire or indoor fire in the fireplace. Candles -Red for God , white for the goddess and Green for beginning planting of seeds. In each room light a lantern, or light and keep going during the day. Place Blessed mother candles in each room.

 Flowers:In baskets place White, Yellow, Pink and lavender flowers either live or imitation silk. White is for purity and the bride Goddess Brigid of God it also is the white light of protection of the holy spirit.. Yellow represents the Sun and the color of Christ.

Bride Doll: this doll of Brigid  is cut from cloth and decorated . She can wear clothing shells, coins, beads and glass jewels. Inside can be placed blessings.

Brigid's Cross :  This cross is made of reeds and traditionally hung on the hearth. A new one is placed each year. You can put this cross by the front door or in the kitchen is a great place as well as by the fireplace! It protects the family from harm.

Stones: Clear quartz Chrystal is used for cleansing and clarity. A diamond works as well. It brings in the many facets of Brigid's help and creativity in our lives. Amethyst is used for calming and soothing as well as healing with St.Raphael and the healing angels and the scared flame of St. Germain. She is a Goddess as well and this stone evokes her help and healing. turquoise, garnet  to bring in Sun energy as well as car and onyx( for protection in tough times ) Shells are used as well for softening of nature and opening to receptiveness.

The crone Goddess of winter and the old year gives way to the maiden of spring. Brigid is both these as we are young then we are old  but are reborn in life everyday and every year as well as when we die of the body.

Herbs:The healing of lavender helps to relax and to calm so you can get rest and sleep to heal.  Sage for clearing and protection. 

Trees: The Rowen is the Ogham tree for February.It is also associated with serpent totems and healing. Rowen berries have 5 points like a pentagram for protection. this is male energy for the God. You can have a twig on your altar.
Willow is the female energy yin. It is the 4th tree in the Celtic alphabet. It rules April time. It is associated wit the triple Goddess Brighid. Also shape shifting, enchantment, intuition and the dream world. It helps with the ability to walk between worlds as in Shamanism when we journey. 

Snow drops: Melt snow in  bowl on the altar by just bringing it inside.( In Michigan we have plenty of it.)

Recovery and Re-coming of the Goddess brings birth to the God' Warming all with Lighting the candles evokes the Goddess and God.
Say: " In this time of feast and torches, When every log blazes and shines like The Sun. "

While lighting the candles on your altar,. pray for protection of the holy spirit.
Prayer to Welcome the birth of the God. Roosters are a totem to use at this time. have a statue or picture of on on the altar and connect with them on the other side. Light incense. Jasmin is preferred or flower scents like rose ( that also evokes blessed mother. you can also use frankincense this evokes Christ as well.
recite:                                                                 I/We celebrate the Goddess,
                                                                             I/We celebrate the God;
                                                                               All the earth is beneath its mantle of sleep"
You can light an orange taper at this time. It represents bringing in the Sun. It also represents our own spiritual illumination.
Prayer to say and recite

"All the world is wrapped in winter,
The air chill and frost envelopes the earth.
But the lord of the Sun,
Horned One of animals and wild spaces,
Unseen you have been reborn.
Of the gracious Mother Goddess,
lady of all fertility.
Hail great God!
Hail and Welcome!" 
Stop before your altar and gaze at your lit candle.Looking into the flame visualize your life's blessings to come.

 Close with a prayer of thanks and gratitude. thank you divine Mother father Goddess and God for all we have, for all we will and to be at peace with all in the Divine, Amen.

 It is then time to feast.
  After eating and thanks it is time you can read the tarot and for divination. pray for protection of the white light of the Holy spirit.  look to the past and release the old. Forgive and ask to be forgiven at this time . evoke the flame of Saint Germaine for healing , transformation and transmutation. look for renewal and creativity. 
 Enjoy this time of new beginnings. It is a good time to commit to better eating habits and exercise as well as mediation, breath work and pray all the time. Stay safe and Be active..        Namaste and Blessed Be

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