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Daily Moon Sign Transits

The Moon travels approximately every two to three days through each sign. The Sun and other planetary influences affect this but the Moon and how we feel is most important.
June  2017

 The Full Moon is on Friday the 9th  at  9:10 am ET.It is the Full Strawberry Moon. 
 1st:Thursday- The Virgo Moon is good for detoxing, organizing and writing today.

2nd:Friday: The Virgo Moon today is good for details, cleaning, sorting and studies today.

3rd: Saturday- The Libra Moon is great for romance, partners, social graces and decorating. 

4th: Sunday- With Libra Moon it is a  good time to get balanced with nature, breath work and aroma therapy. 

5th:Monday- The Moon goes from Libra to Scorpio. It is good for surgeries, discoveries and deep healing today.

6th: Tuesday- The Moon in Scorpio is good for transformations, and digging basements as well as plumbing matters and archaeology.

7th: Wednesday- The Moon is in the final phases of Scorpio. It is about self discovery, healing and it goes more spiritual at this point. Understanding life and death. Think of a butterfly's transformation. It is relative to yours. 

8th: Thursday: It is about moon in Sagittarius. It is good for travel and all types of journey's as well as law.

9th: The moon in Sagittarius and it is full and is freeing . It allows expansion and broad ,objective overviews.

10th: Saturday- the Moon goes into conservative Capricorn. Error on the safe side now! Get hard work done. It is a good time to start a diet.

11th: Sunday-Moon in Capricorn.  Career, appearances and reputation are at forefront.  Act accordingly.

12th: Monday-Thursday: With the Moon in Capricorn work can get done that requires sustained focus, endurance  and action over a long period of time. Excellent for athletics.

13th: Tuesday- The Moon goes into friendly Aquarius. Expect the unexpected today. 

14th: Wednesday- Moon in Aquarius is good for friends, philanthropy and brainstorming. Stay grounded today. 

15th:Thursday- Thee Moon in Pisces, the second part of the day,is good for all spiritual things, art and music today.

16th: Friday- The Pisces Moon is good for meditating, sleeping and dreaming.

17th: Saturday-Pisces Moon is good for vacations and going with the flow today.

18th: Sunday- Aries Moon is good for taking action and getting started today. More vitality overall.

19th: Monday: Start new projects, Finish old ones and live in the here and now! Use a clear crystal on the third eye to clear your head.

20th: Tuesday- The Solstice begins. Happy summers beginning. Have a bonfire, sing and dace, Celebrate!.  Cancer Sun sign is coming in. The moon is in Taurus It is a good time to garden today!

21st: Wednesday-the First full day of Cancer. it. is good for family and home this month. The Moon in Taurus is good for money matters. 

22nd: Thursday- The Moon in Gemini is good for all communications and short trips today. 

23rd: Friday- Moon in Gemini is good for multitasking and duplication's today, like recordings.

24th: Saturday: The Moon and Sun in Cancer is great for home and hearth as well as psychic abilities.

25th:Sunday- The Sun in Cancer is a good day foe checking on Mom and kids of all ages. Babies are highlighted today.

26th:Monday- The Moon is in Loving Leo today. It is great for confidences, and theater as well as creative endeavors today.

27th: Tuesday-The Moon in Leo gives strength and passion to the day! Enjoy life!

28th: Wednesday- The moon in Virgo is good for writing, studying and organizing today.

29th: Thursday- The Moon in Virgo helps with clearing out clutter, cleaning and herbal healing today.  

30th: Friday- The Virgo Moon is good for editing, budgeting and accounting today.

July- 1st: Saturday- With Moon in Libra, it is good for partners and marriage today. It is goof for social graces too!