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Daily Moon Sign Transits EST

The Moon travels approximately every two to three days through each sign. The Sun and other planetary influences affect this but the Moon and how we feel is most important.

The Full Moon is on the 28th at 12:53 AM ET. It is the Full Strawberry Moon! Yum!


June 2018

1st: Friday- The Moon is in Capricorn. It is good for business and disciplines today.

2nd: Saturday- The Capricorn Moon is good for the hard stuff that has to be done. 

3rd; Sunday- The Moon goes into Aquarius and it is good for friends and philanthropy today!

4th: Monday- Aquarius Moon helps us to brainstorm ideas. Record them. 

5th: Tuesday-Aquarius Moon goes into Pisces today. It is time for mysteries and mystical things. Go with the flow today. 

.6th-Wednesday- The Pisces Moon is all about spirit and miracles. Enjoy what is possible by God!

7th: Thursday- The Pisces Moon is good for Music, acting and fantasy things. That includes fairies and their magic!:

8th:Friday- The Aries Moon has us taking action and doing the thing! Feel the surge of energies. It is life movement. New Beginnings happen!

9th:Saturday- Aries Moon gives vitality to all. Wake up and smell the coffee and the roses today. Live in the moment!

10th: Sunday- Aries Moon is good for physical activity and starting projects. Go for it today. Do not hesitate or you will feel lost. Keep up!

11th: Monday- The Moon in Taurus is good for financial things and gardening today. Keep it green!

12th: Tuesday- Taurus moon goes to Gemini. This get active and talkative with social activities today.

13th:Wednesday- Gemini Moon is good for a lot of versatile social activities. It is Gemini Sun to. Enjoy the fun of short trips and lots of communication today. 

14th-Thursday-Gemini Moon goes into sensitive Cancer. Home matters are forefront today. Take care. Listen to your guides!

15th: Friday: Cancer Sun has us staying home with family and calling Mom today. have some of Moms apple pie too LOL!

16th: Saturday- The moon goes into Leo and it heats up with creative fun today! Enjoy the Love!

17th: Sunday- Leo Moon on a Sunday. How fitting. let your light shine bright today and always!
18th: Monday- Leo moon goes to clean freak Virgo. Clean up your messes today. Organize your things!

19th: Tuesday-The Virgo moon is good for writing, study and herbal detox  today. 

20th-Wednesday- Virgo Moon goes into lovely Libra. It is a time of arts and beautification today.

21st- Thursday- Libra Moon is good for counseling, cooperation and social graces today!

22nd- Friday- The Sun is in Cancer now! The Moon is in Libra. It is a good day for   children and marriage today, as in counseling too.

23rd- Saturday- The Moon  in Scorpio today is good for discoveries, detective work and digging up hidden facts. Good for plumbing matters too as well as surgery procedures. 

24th:Sunday-Moon in Scorpio is good for transforming and transmutation, as well as deep healing today.  

25th: Monday- Moon in Scorpio changes to Sagittarius today. It is good for travel, hiking and sports .

26th: Tuesday- The Moon in Sagittarius lightens up moods and is good for higher learning today.

27th:Wednesday- The Moon in Sagittarius is good for travel and humor today .To Thyne Own self Be True. Honesty is the best policy. 

28th: Thursday- Moon in Capricorn is good for business and cementing ideas into a firm reality today.

29th:Friday- Error on the safe side today with Capricorn Moon. It is good for business.

30th: Saturday- Capricorn gives way to Aquarius Moon and it is good for old friends today.