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Daily Moon Sign Transits EST

The Moon travels approximately every two to three days through each sign. The Sun and other planetary influences affect this but the Moon and how we feel is most important.

There is no Full Moon in February. It is called a Black Moon.


February 2018

HAPPY Valentines Month of Love!

1st: Thursday: Moon in Leo is good for creativity and Love today!

2nd: Friday- Moon in Virgo is good for organizing, cleaning and de-cluttering. It is also good for writing today!

3rd: Saturday- With Moon in Virgo it is A good day for minimizing efforts.. Make lists and take account today!
4th:Sunday- Moon in Libra is good for social skills,  It adds beauty and balance to the day!

5th: Monday: Moon in Libra is good for all design projects, counseling and marriage.

6th: Tuesday-Moon in Scorpio is good for discoveries, surgeries, transformations and break through s today!

7th: Wednesday- Moon in Scorpio helps with detective work and deep healing today!

8th: Thursday-Moon in Scorpio goes to Sagittarius. It is like a weight being lifted. Spirits improve and higher learning is highlighted.

9th: Friday-Moon in Sagittarius is good for travel and flying especially today!

10th: Saturday- Moon in Sagittarius is good for sports, hiking and anything bird related.

11th: Sunday- Moon in Capricorn is good for your reputation today. Error on the safe side with this cautionary Moon!

12th: Monday- Moon in Capricorn is good for disciplines, business and corrections.

13th: Tuesday- Moon in Capricorn goes to friend orientating, philanthropic and unpredictable Aquarius today. Expect the unexpected! 

14th.: Wednesday-Moon in Aquarius. is a good time for friends, the metaphysical and enlightenment. Enjoy the double Aquarius energies today and expect the unexpected.

15th:Thursday-Moon in Aquarius is good for inspirational ideas and brainstorming!.

16th:Friday:Moon in Pisces today gives a sorrow feel to the day with spiritual depth. 

17th: Saturday- Moon in Pisces is good for mystical journieys, music and magic today!

18th: Sunday- Moon goes from Pisces to vital Aries today. Energy levels pick up and heads clear, as well as plans run a tad more as expected!

19th: Monday- The Moon in Aries is good for automotive concerns. Time to get going and start things! Just Do It!

20th:Tuesday:The Moon in Aries is good for all physical activities!You will have more strength to get the jobs done!

21st:Wednesday-The Moon in Taurus today is good for financial things!