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Daily Moon Sign Transits

The Moon travels approximately every two to three days through each sign. The Sun and other planetary influences affect this but the Moon and how we feel is most important.

The Full Moon in December on The @  Moon.



1st:Friday- The Moon in Taurus gives a calm and sweet energy today. Watch over indulging today. Discipline today!

2nd: Saturday-The Moon in Taurus is good for money matters and greenhouse gardening.

3rd: Sunday- The Moon in Gemini helps with multitasking. Communications are highlighted too!

4th: Monday-Moon in Gemini is good for socializing and media work. 

5th: Tuesday-The Moon goes to Cancer and home matters. Children are on forefront today. Mums too matter well today!

6th: Wednesday- Moon in Cancer is great for psychic skills. Let Luna highlight answers to problems with family and all!

7th: Thursday: Moon in Leo gives a much needed break for some fun and jolly making!

8th: Friday- Moon in Leo is good for Love of all kinds and confidence. Enjoy!

9th: Saturday- Moon in Virgo is great for organizing, writing Christmas cards and letters and cleaning before holiday celebrations!

10th: Sunday: Moon in Gemini is less is best so keep it simple and easy today. Stay safe!

11th:Monday- The Moon goes into Libra half way through the day. It is good for social graces and marriage. Keep your balance for harmony. It is also good for cooperation today!

12th: Tuesday- The Moon in Libra is good for decorating, design work and counseling today. .

13th: Wednesday-The Moon goes from Libra to Scorpio today. It  is good  for transformation, detective work and break through s.

14th: Thursday- Moon in Scorpio is good for excavation and surgeries today. Go deep !

15th: Friday- Moon in Scorpio is good for psyche matters and discoveries as well as transmutation healing from addictions today.

16th: Saturday-The Moon in Sagittarius is good for sports and good moods as well as travel today.

17th: Sunday. The Moon in Sagittarius is good for higher learning and spiritual training as well as journeys of all kinds today.

18th: Monday-The Moon goes from Sagittarius to Capricorn. It is good for business matters and disciplines.

19th: Tuesday- The Moon in Capricorn is conservative so error on the safe side. Stay positive today!

20th: Wednesday.Moon in Capricorn is good for geriatric matters.. Old folks rule today! Visit grandma. Give shut ins a call!

21st:Thursday- Happy Yule and Winter Solstice! The Moon goes to Aquarius. It is about friends and philanthropy today!

22nd: Friday: The Sun is in Capricorn and the Moon is in Aquarius. Expect the unexpected.

23rd: Saturday- Aquarius Moon goes to Pisces and things get very spiritual now!

24th: Sunday- Pisces Moon is about mystery's and music today. Let the day just unfold! Happy Christmas Eve Blessings!

25th:Monday- Moon in Pisces and Merry Christmas! It is all about the Divine. Peace and Joy!

26th: Tuesday- Happy Boxing Day! The Moon is in Aries and gives a burst of energy to get things done and have  fun with friends and family!

27th: Wednesday- Moon in Aries is good for cars, starting projects and getting going!

28th: Thursday-The Moon goes from Aries to Taurus. It is time to assess and shore up finances today!

29th: Friday- The Moon in Taurus is good for getting in touch with nature. Long under ware required in Northern climates. It is a day of practical beauty and getting calm.

30th: Saturday- The moon goes into Gemini today. Short trips and multitasking is good today.

31st: Sunday- the Moon in Gemini is good for communication and socializing today!

Jan 1st: Happy New Year! The Moon goes from Gemini to Cancer today! Good for home matters and family!