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Daily Moon Sign Transits

The Moon travels approximately every two to three days through each sign. The Sun and other planetary influences affect this but the Moon and how we feel is most important.

The Full Moon in October is on The 5th @ 2:41 pm. ET. It is also the Full Harvest Moon as was Septembers. It is also called the Full Hunters Moon or the traveling Moon.


1st:Sunday-The Moon is in Aquarius. Great for friendships and brainstorming.

2nd: Monday- The Moon goes into Pisces mid day. It is time for spiritual things and music as well as prayer and meditation.

3rd:Tuesday-The Moon in Pisces is mystical and dreamy. It is good for imagination and creativity of spiritual kinds.

4th: Wednesday-Pisces Moon gives us a break. Rest up today and go with in!

5th: Thursday- The Moon in Aries gives a serge of energy that is needed. Enjoy the activity of the day!

6th: Friday- The Moon in Aries has us starting new things and going for it!. Seize the day.

7th: Saturday- The Moon in Taurus is good for gardening and money matters today!

8th: Sunday- Get out in Natures beauty today and restore your soul.

9th: Monday- Moon in Gemini is great for multitasking and communications.

10th: Tuesday- Moon in Gemini is good for short trips and researching online today. Google On!
11th:Wednesday-The Moon in Cancer is good for home matters and family. 

12th:  Thursday- The Moon in Cancer helps with children and psychic abilities.

13th: Friday-Moon in Leo Great for confidences and creativity today. 

14th: Saturday- Moon in Leo. Enjoy the Love!

15th: Sunday: Leo to Virgo moon goes into critique tonight and good for herbal healing.

16th: Monday: Moon in Virgo is good for cleaning house, clearing clutter and writing today!

17th: Tuesday: Moon in Libra is good for partnerships, marriage and counseling today!

18th: Wednesday- Moon in Libra is good for social graces and decorating design today.